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    Questions regarding how a trial goes...


    I hope that this will be OK me posting this. I figure it may help others with the same questions. Maybe we could have a thread for trial questions and all? This is the first time I have ever watched a trial. I was fairly young when OJ went through his trial. I'm only 26 years old so I am not sure how old I would have been. Websleuths has taught me SOOO much about law and it starting to teach me about the trial process. A few questions I have are:

    1. Will the Defense have witness and will the State be able to do the cross examination like JB is doing right now?

    2. What does sustained mean? It means that the judge disagrees with the person asking questions right?

    3. Overruled means that he agrees right?

    4. Why do they have re-word their questions? I don't understand that.

    5. Later on in the trial will they show pieces of evidence after they get done interviewing or do they interview and shoe the evidence at the same time? I just mean do they question people about the evidence like the chloroform they would go to the experts and stuff.

    I am just trying to understand. I am fascinated by this stuff especially seeing my first trial and see how it goes. I want to be able to understand.

    Thank you for all the help.

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    Who Pays??

    So I was watching earlier today and saw all the boys that lived in the apartment testify. I am catching up now on the DVR

    But, the question I have is this:
    One of the young men that was testifying said he lived in Ohio now.
    How does this work?

    Does he get a subpoena to come to court?
    How do they know when he will have to be in FLA?
    Does he have to be there all case long?
    What about his personal life? (Work,School,Familt,etc..)
    Who pays for all of his costs attached to coming to FLA? (Flight,Lodging,etc..)
    Is there anyway he can say, "No I can't make it that day."


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    I was wondering about all that too KPC. Like not exactly what you were asking but I had wondered about financial stuff for the people that are living out of town.

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    All I know is when the judge says 'sustained' to the states objections, it's good, lol

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