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    Mods feel free to move if necessary.

    I'm confused. I know why Zanny was accused of kidnapping Caylee (to cover ICA's butt). But what I don't get is where was Caylee the year prior when she was supposed to be with Zanny? Was the Zanny person made up a year prior specifically to use her as the kidnapper? Was this premeditated a year in advance?

    That paragraph was all over the place, my apologies. Zanny's name being used a year before Caylee's death puzzles me.

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    She made it up for her parents. Remember they thought she was working. She would of had to have had a baby sitter if she was working.
    If there's hink....there must be stink.

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    On the subject of Zanny the Nanny I had a thought this morning...I recalled the intricate stories that Casey had concocted regarding Zanny and her sister and the whole they held her down at the park and stole Caylee...and I am wondering if Caylee drowned in the pool why was it so necessary to create all of these detailed lies about the nanny and her involvement? And also, doesn't the fact that she is capable of weaving such intricate fantasies going to make it hard for the jury to believe ANYTHING she says NOW?

    ABC provided $200,000.00 to
    Casey Anthonys defense!
    The MURDERED should not be USED to pay for the MURDERERS DEFENSE!

    American Tragedy: The defense of Casey Anthony.

    Juror No. 11 somehow made the journey from Casey is the one on trial to George may be a murderer, based on how George acted on the stand? 3 years of evidence against Casey and he throws George under the bus. Makes sense?
    What evidence indicated that George might be a murderer? Anyone?
    Weren't they to ONLY consider EVIDENCE?
    This NOT GUILTY verdict throws Caylee right back into the swamp she decomposed in. Thanks to this "impartial" jury.

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    We have a bunch of Zanny threads. I am locking this one now. Please use our search features to locate a topical thread.

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