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    Man attacks own lawyer

    A man on trial for taking a kindergartner hostage leaped up in court Wednesday and slashed his public defender with a razor blade. Barbette Williams, 48, of New Orleans was booked with attempted second-degree murder for injuring lawyer Bert Garraway.

    Williams wrapped his arms around Garraway and cut him above the eye and on the neck just as the defence lawyer was about to rest his case.

    Garraway walked out of the courtroom, his shirt red with blood, to go to a hospital for treatment.

    "I've contended all along that this guy is nuts, and to be honest, this pretty much confirms it," Garraway said late Wednesday.

    "What kind of rational person would attack his own lawyer?"


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    It was a set up!!! That lawyer brought that weapon into the courthouse and let his client almost kill him so that he would win.

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