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    Mary Agnes Moroney (2) - Chicago IL, 1930

    Mary Agnes Moroney

    Endangered Missing from Chicago, Illinois since May 15, 1930

    Age: 2 -- Hair Color: Blonde -- Eye Color: Blue

    Mary is left handed. She has a scar on her abdomen from a ruptured hernia.

    Mary disappeared from her home in Chicago, Illinois on May 15, 1930. An ad had been placed in a Chicago newspaper asking for help for the Moroney family. A woman who gave the name Mrs. Julia Otis responded to the ad claiming to be a social worker. She first appeared on May 14, 1930 and spent time with Mary's mother and sister. The next day, Julia Otis again came to the house, bringing gifts and money for the family. Julia asked if she could take Mary shopping for new clothes and shoes. Julia Otis then took Mary down the street and she was never seen again.

    The next day the Moroney's got a letter from Julia Otis saying she was taking Mary to California and would bring her back in two months time. Two weeks later, another letter was recieved from a woman named Alice Henderson, saying that Julia Otis was her cousin and the reason she had taken Mary was because Julia's husband and daughter had died the year before. Mrs. Henderson wrote that Julia Otis would bring Mary back soon.

    Julia Otis was described as being circa 22 years old and well dressed, with a cultured voice. She had protuding teeth. She claimed that a social service worker named Mrs. Henderson had sent her.

    Mary McClelland, a 24-year-old woman from California, claimed to be Mary in the 1950s. She had been adopted within a year of Mary's kidnapping and closely resembled Mary's siblings. She had a highly publicized "reunion" with Mary's mother in 1954. An anthropologist claimed to have proven by her teeth that she was related to the family, but McClelland didn't have the hernia scar Mary should have had. It was never proven or disproven if McClelland was the missing Mary.

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