Patricia Louise Zentner

Endangered Missing from Garden City, Michigan since August 28, 1964

Age: 2 -- Height: 3'0" -- Weight: 31 lbs -- Hair Color: Blonde -- Eye Color: Blue

Patricia's nickname is Patti Lou.

Patricia and her mother Mildred were last seen in Garden City, Michigan on August 28, 1964. Mildred's husband of 6 years, Jesse Zentner Jr., said he had spanked Patricia, and they got into an argument about it, and when he came home later, Patricia and Mildred were both gone. Some personal items disappeared with them, including Patricia's potty chair, but their clothing was all left behind. Mildred reportedly left a type-written note for Jesse, which he tore up. Two weeks later, Jesse drove to Pennsylvania to ask his parents-in-law if they had heard from them. Mildred's parents reported the two missing at that time.

The investigation into Patricia and Mildred's disappearance was re-opened in 2004. Police excavated Mildred and Jesse's former home, but did not find anything. The circumstances surrounding their disappearance are unclear, and they both remain missing.


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