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    Clint H's testimony

    Quote Originally Posted by yosande View Post
    audio back on.

    next witness, Roy "Clint" House.

    oops, uh, let's bring the jury back in...... lol

    even the judge stands for the jury.

    25 years old, lives in Jacksonville FL.
    another full sail student.
    recording arts.
    10 months there.
    no degree, now works carpet cleaning with family business.

    April to the end of June. 08.
    slept wherever, floor, couch, etc.

    one to five am, or one to five pm.

    Met KC at the may 24 party.
    TL also met KC at same party.
    KC seemed like a fun party girl.
    Knew she had a kid.
    info from TL.

    Met Caylee at the apts.
    four or five times.
    Caylee never spent the night.
    KC started staying over beginning of June, stayed consistently middle of June and on.


    KC worked at Universal.
    Didn't talk or complain about work.
    Came back in evening, didn't talk about work.

    Didn't see Caylee after the middle of June.
    KC said Caylee was with the nanny.
    Nanny was local, in Orlando.

    Odd that Caylee with nanny all the time?
    I asked her, she said with the nanny. Concern?
    KC never seemed concerned, demeanor always the same.


    KC have a laptop? yes.
    KC used her own and he never saw her use anyone elses.

    saw her on the phone? yes, take the calls outside.
    talked with mom or nanny.

    Never upset after phone calls.

    Saw KC daily.
    Saw KC in apt, and outside apt on Fridays, at the club.

    CH was a dj at fusion on Fridays.
    KC was a promoter for TL. Getting the word out.
    Saw KC post on facebook, myspace about the events.

    She was the promo girl. hot body contest. mingle with the crowd.
    every Friday in June.

    Did KC hire shot girls? no
    Did KC tell them what to wear? no, but would give suggestions of what to wear.

    KNow Maria Kish? yes, was his gf at the time.
    She came with him to the fusion.


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    Quote Originally Posted by wenwe4 View Post
    Complete extent you know KC, a month & a half, saw kc 4-5 times, backpack w/toys & flashcards . . . with shapes & colors, kc would flash and Caylee would describe the colors, never saw any other learning tools, she would always play on Cams drums, she always had DVD's she brought over, diapers & other snacks, not malnourished, not neglected, KC didn't strike Caylee, KC didn't treat CAylee as a burden or negative. . . was she a good mother? Yes Sir.
    Request last statement be stricken
    Request granted . . .please read 45.45 (?)

    Counsel is testifying (rephrase)
    Everybody had a computer, not keeping close eye on KC computer. Lived there end of may til July, TL & Clint House were promoters, get people to come in the club, range from 100% of the door or $2 per head, illegal to get $ off sale of alcohol, it is their liquor license.

    Selling the atmosphere . . . Fusion is a sushi bar . . . then turns into Martini bar . . . everyone promoting tell your friends and tell their friends to come to Fusion. You can do very well in this business, shot girls is portion of theme or ambiance, kc wasn't a shot girl, kc volunteered to manage shot girls, she wasn't managing anyone . . . that was up to me and TL. This is to help you & TL be successful, living with you rent free, pulling her weight financially, cooking cleaning . . . we (guys) threw out the trash

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    Quote Originally Posted by epiphany View Post
    She was not a shot girl
    She took an interest in helping-TL and me managed
    She was helping u financially? yes
    cooking? yes
    cleaning? yes
    laundry? yes
    took out t trash? (don't know??)

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