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    Nathan L.'s testimony

    Part I of his testimony on 5/25/2011

    Quote Originally Posted by yosande View Post
    next witness.
    Nathan L.

    lives in Florida, fort pearce.
    full sail from o7 to 09 for a year and a half. no degree.
    he is in a band now. keyboard, drums.

    lived with TL and CC. from 05 to 08. in 2008.
    slept on couch.

    school schedule in june 9 to5.
    played in band as well as going to school.

    met KC on 05.24 at the party.
    She seemed normal, outgoing, talkative.
    Met Caylee around first of june.
    Caylee never spent the night.
    KC started staying over lots at end of June.

    event planner she said.
    didn't complain about her work.

    Did KC get ready for work? She would leave when everyone else did.
    KC didn't have a key to apt.

    Was she easy to talk to? yes

    She seemed normal, no mood swings.

    He and CC had a conversation about Caylee not being around. Thought it odd.
    It was summertime, and he didn't think much of Caylee being at the beach with nanny etc.

    Did she talk about her parents?
    She left apt when talking to her mom.
    Never saw her talk to Caylee or Nanny on the phone.

    KC have a car? yes
    Never rode in car.

    TL was gone 15 to 20 minutes when she called from the amscot.
    They came back together.

    TL promoted events at bars.
    NL went with TL two or three times.

    objection to a pic.
    not published to the jury yet.

    It's a pic of KC and NL close together.
    Taken ?
    Objection to discussing the hot body contest info. He doesn't remember date.

    Back to pic. WAs pic taken in June 08. yes
    Asked if it can be submitted as evidence, objection, and sidebar...

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    Another member's notes

    Quote Originally Posted by wenwe4 View Post
    @ Fusion she always seemed like she was having a good time, not an introvert personality, never saw her diswraught/depressed/scared/angered/ worried. Never told me daughter was missing, kidnapped, never asked for help in trying to find her.

    Present @ apt on 7/15/08, me & TL playing video games, kc was there, waiting for game to start, she was hanging out/bouncing around, don't remember ifshe was doing laundry or not.

    Knock @ door, kc answered door, blond girl I didn't recognize, kc stepped out, she returned with CA & AH. KC & CA were in an argument, CA said grab her things, KC said she wasn't leaving, never saw/spoke to KC again. Saw LA after that. We just thought it was something between her Mother & her roommate (AH?) Met LA mid to later evening 9-midnight when he came by, LA felt bad for us a little bit, his sister was known to get into trouble here or there, he wished he would have know us before he would have warned us. . . objection . . .
    he wasnt angry or worried, TL helped him gather her belongings, LE came by twice, once before LA. TL gave a cellphone to LE, they didn't question me about thing, they were there 5 minutes to collect cell & sign a receipt for it. LA came over, an hour or 2 after LE left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wenwe4 View Post
    Never saw clothing/toys belonging to Caylee that I ever saw.

    Approx length of cross examination?
    5 minutes ok

    JB: Mr. Lezz no Vich

    Did she look well fed, well taken care of, did you ever see KC strike her?
    No sir,
    KC was a good mother,
    I will rephrase

    You found out that when KC was living with you, you found out that Caylee was no longer, there was no indication that KC gave you that Caylee was dead
    More notes.

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    End of testimony:

    Quote Originally Posted by yosande View Post
    Talking about Lee coming over to get KC's stuff.
    LE came over also, before Lee got there.
    Came for cellphone.

    LE came back after Lee left, and seached the apt.
    nothing taken that he knows of.

    NL never saw anything there that belonged to Caylee.


    Saw Caylee two or three times.
    Well fed. KC attentive. Caylee clean.

    looking back. KC behavior, no sign that KC was mourning Caylee's death.
    KC parked where everyone else did, didn't park far away.

    was NL there when Caylee drowned? no.

    break time.

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    the Plains & Jordan-Hare stadium
    Photo of NL & Casey at Fusion entered into evidence

    Quote Originally Posted by luv View Post

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