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    what exactly constitutes a 'shopping spree'?

    I didn't watch NG tonite (can only take her in small doses and figured there wasn't any new trial today), but on last Friday's show she must have said Casey went on a shopping spree 20 times. Didn't look to me like she spent all that much money on these trips to Target, JCPenney etc. So what exactly makes it a 'shopping spree'?

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    She didn't spend that much money except none of the money she spent was hers. It appears as though she also didn't really need any of the items she purchased and she's shopping to fill some void. Shopping for reasons other than necessity make it a shopping spree IMO. Shopping for nothing when you could be nailed at any moment for fraud also might make it a spree. Crime spree actually.
    LOL did you hear NG tell the story of losing her son at Walmart and freaking right out? BOMBSHELL

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    I think tonight NG covered the trial that was Saturday.

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    I would say that anytime you are buying things you don't need or can't afford it is a "spree" But that is just me.
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    A spree is for the high. She had sprees for under $100 but it would be all the available money, none of it really hers.

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