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    Do you think HHJP thinks she's guilty?

    I have to admit - I'm not sure if the judge is held to the same standards as the jury about presumption of innocence legally but I often wonder based on his attitudes, comments etc whether he has formed a loose opinion on Casey's innocence.

    What do you think?

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    I think he pretty much knows ICA is guilty.

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    I don't think anybody with half a brain can sit there and hear all this and not have an opinion. JMO.

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    IDK what is in his head. But I do know this. He has an absolutely *brilliant* mind, and is one of the fairest, kindest, non-biased judges I know. So I trust whatever conclusion he has reached, it is just and fair. Again, he's brilliant and wise. That tells me all I need to know regarding his opinion or conclusions. IMO

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    Absolutely! I think he believes she is guilty. He is a former prosecutor. He saw the writing on the wall during the GJ testimony. He knows.

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    I suspect he does believe she's guilty based on the evidence. I suspect he's also reviled by the defense tactics so far and allowed GA and LA to sit in the courtroom before testifying because they both have the right to face their accuser. MO

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    Sure, Judge Perry knows she's guilty. From a moral standpoint, that is abundantly clear. But the Judge has to view her alleged guilt or innocense through a legal lens, not a moral one. He is a savvy jurist and knows that this show must play itself out, with all its motions and objections and sidebars, let the evidence be introduced (or not) and tell its story. But as a human being, he must know.

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    lets put it this way HHJP is a very smart man.

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    I think he believes innocent until proven other wise. At this point it seems too early to have an opinion.

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    I suspect the he feels KC is guilty beyond any reasonable doubt.

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    I think on a professional basis he KNOWS that she is innocent until the jury comes back, but in the back of his mind I am sure he knows that she is guilty. He has seen even more than WE have.

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