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    Where was she when she was pretending to work for 2 years?

    For those 2 years she was pretending to work:

    Where did she go?
    What was she doing?
    Where did she get money to go anywhere?
    Where was Caylee?
    What was the purpose in that?
    Did her parents not realize she never had any money despite having a job?
    How is that part of a defense? (JB mentioned it in the opening statement as if this was part of protecting her child) How can that be...wouldn't actually working to make money to get your child out of the house of your molester be more appropriate?
    Was Zanny supposedly the babysitter before June? If not where did they think she was taking Caylee while she "worked"?

    Seems that most of this information would be very pertinent to the defense doesn't it?

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    Will merge with another thread later. We have several threads already that address these questions.

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