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    In my own reality...it's nicer here.
    Leonard Toutora
    Universal Orlando

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    Leonard Turtora - loss prevention @ Universal...internal and external theft, security operations @ resort.....primarily deal with Orlando Police occassional OCSO will get involved....YM showed up @ security asking info about alleged or potential employee.....re: kc current employee @ Universal? . ....access to databases with info on all previous and current employees @ Universal....kc employ status....not current employed ....she was employed by a 3rd party who does business on their property....not owned by Universal....3rd party vender - Colorvision sub of Kodak - the pics of people in the park and want to see you pics.....last date of employment April 2006 ....Ym gave 3 other names to check....Jeff Hopkins employed late 2001 - 2002, Juliette Lewis - no reference to this person in Universal database, ZFG - not employed @ Universal nor thru 3rd party....later YM asked him to verify email address....Cheryl Davis not of Universal employ.....met w/YM @ his office in the park.....that day he met kc - after confirm she wasn't employed there - YM put her on speaker phone...YM asked her questions...2 detective will pick her up and bring her to Universal...met her outside @ Security gate where employees come thru....YM and he met her @ security gate....kc stated she was current employee - didn't have her ID.....needed to get to her building ...kc employee number wasn't known.....she worked in events....marketing or entertainment? kc answered little of both...can't be true.....kc gave name of Supv of Thomas Manley...officer used Universal phone book - Manley....couldn't find his name....officer had no record of that name......
    offered to take her back...walked in building....

    finally kc put hands in back pocket and said I dont work here - YM and kc were in conference room 30-45 min....emerged from from conference room YM came out and used cell once and later 2 det came out and used cell phones....kc didn't come out....when they were done - he escorted all of them out same way they came thru..
    Cross Exam....

    CM- YM arranged meeting he already knew kc wasn't employee...brought her out there....meeting was a Sham wasn't it? (object- overrule) No sir!
    were you pretending kc was an employee when you knew she wasn't? no
    YM contacted you....

    she not employee/hadn't been in couple years
    doesn't recall her being upset or crying.....all of you knew she wasn't an employee - Det Allen and Wells .... still walked with her she pointed to a building.....200 yards from gate to that building....couple minute walk.....went along w/charade and let her pretend.....started down a hallway....as soon as we walked in she knew I knew she didn't work there - I asked where are we going.....she spoke directly to LT when she said I don't work here - LT offered a room for them to talk - not mirandized in his presence - don't know dimensions of the room - 3 detectives in there w/kc - LT didn't go in with them....how long in that small room w/3 dectectives 30-40 min....don't know if it was tape recorded - hasn't reviewed it....asked to check on identity of Tom Manley - real or imaginary? imaginary....... anything else to do with this? No Sir!

    Redirect - LDB
    based on kc statement to you she knew she didn't work there - when she was @ gate she wasn't an employee even tho she made statements she was ....all the time during walk from gates to building she knew she wasn't an employee....maintained charade.....no handcuffs....don't recall any conversation they had.....don't remember if she resisted to walk in the room....as walking out of Universal property she asked if they looked in other states for children.....

    Witness excused

    Proud member of the AFKBPOFPOPL

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