Awilda McBryde being questioned by LDB.

With OCSO for 10 years.

Audio feedback in courtroom.

In 7/08 she was in the missing persons unit as an investigator, looking for runaways, people, children, adults, AMBER. She's not sworn officer. She assists detectives and LEOs doing background work.

In 7/08 she met with GA and he accompanied her to a place off of Narcoosee Road when Caylee was reported missing and she was told by YM to go to Johnson's Towing to recover the trash bag. This was on 7/16/08. It was dark when they went. The gate was closed and they had to call the number on the gate. One of the drivers opened the gate. She explained to him what they were doing - described the vehicle - and told them they needed to get the trash bag out of the dumpster. GA knew where it was. They gained access and she had a camera.

She was shown a photo of the WSI dumpster. Photo taken before they got in to the dumpster. Photo marked as State's Exhibit #74 - no defense objection. Photo published to Jury.