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    OR - David Cecil charged with abuse, torture of 11yo son, Hillsboro, 22 Nov 2010

    sounds like hes planning a twinkie defense.

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    Perhaps he should be denied his insulin?

    How high was it, Dad? Did he test his sugar that day or was he too busy being a lunatic torturing that poor kid? The box fan really got me.

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    That really gets me. I have a son with very brittle diabetes. I've had him soar from 29 to 650 at home and in the hospital. Unless he was seizing due to very low or suddenly plunging blood sugar, he knew exactly what he was doing. Yes, a high blood sugar can cause one to be irritable but not abusive. I could see a lashing out or some verbal abuse but this cruel physical abuse took place over an extended period of time and he kept increasing it, thus the box fan. It seemed well planned to cause the most trauma. Poor boy.

    He does NOT look like a nice man and he needs to apologize to all the fine parents out there who do have diabetes and manage not to abuse their children. Jeesh.

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