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View Poll Results: Who came up with the "GA" did it defense?

416. You may not vote on this poll
  • JB e.t. al., made it up

    168 40.38%
  • It's what ICA told JB happened

    220 52.88%
  • They got it from an old episode of Star Trek

    14 3.37%
  • And of course the famous, "None of the above!"

    22 5.29%
Multiple Choice Poll.

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    Who made up the defense's explanation in opening statements? *POLL*

    Mods this is only my second thread and if this is the wrong place for it please remove.

    Who do you think made up that implossible defense tale that JB put out in opening statements.

    1. It was JB e.t. al., who came up with the "GA did it," defense, and he's really proud of it!

    2. It is what ICA told JB happened and he just went with it.

    3. They got it from an old episode of Star Trek and thought it would do.

    4. And of course the famous, "None of the Above!"
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    I think they are all being haunted by the ghost of Walter Mitty.

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    IANAL, but I don't think lawyers are able to make up stories to explain their defendants' actions.

    They are, however, allowed to utilize and frame the made up stories told to them by their clients.

    But again, I'm not a lawyer.

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    I think the defense is a mashup of stuff that has been talked about on the various ICA forums on the internet. I think there was an idea or two that was suggested to ICA and then the story was tweaked to fit the evidence.
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    a poster somewhere down the line pointed out this story has all the earmarks of a ica fantasy
    IF I PUT IT HERE ITS MY OPINION. apparently i have no idea when i need to say that in a post, so this should cover it....IN MY OPINION anyways,

    welcome to the gates of hell JVDS.

    Jose Baez: “I sincerely believe that when we have finally spoken, everyone, and I mean everyone, will sit back and say, ‘Now, I understand. That explains it.’”

    Jose Baez to da judge :

    ".....that type of testing is unique. we requested that they be allowed to test items and that of course was objected to by the state and and uh the state uh granted or sustained their objection, denied our opportunity to have him test these items due to a very specialized field, subfield, of dna that he is one of the pioneers of uh in the alternative of we were granted the ability to test certain items by an outside lab...."

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    I did not vote on this issue. We know pretty much that if Caysey's mouth is moving she is lying. So if it comes from her, it is suspect. We also know that Baez is capable of blatantly breaking the rules . . . so he can not be trusted either . . . it is stepping in quicksand to believe anything they say or do at this juncture. I only hope the jury realizes this as well.

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    This story has ICA all over it. Overly complex (including GA, nonsense about the extent of the house search prior to the discovery of the body, verbatim speech from GA that made no real logical sense), and typically projecting in a way that keeps ICA a hapless victim. Together with the obvious problem presented by the contradictory evidence showing that none of it would likely be true (GA loved Caylee, demonstrated a willingness to assist LE to find her, no logical reason to assume he would not have called 911 immediately to help save his beloved granddaughter) and the fact that the story is, on the other hand, entirely consistent with what we would expect from ICA (no empathy, no ability to recognize the entirely irrational idea of not seeking immediate help for an accidentally drowned toddler, failing to acknowledge the obvious logical problems inherent in assuming that rational people would accept that covering up an accident by making it look like a murder makes sense).

    This story is precisely the sort of thing WS'ers would be entirely willing to accept as one of ICA's making from 2008 on. Nothing about it seems innovative or insightful. JB can't make the facts fit this story, so I just don't buy that he thought it up.

    Of course, all MOO!

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    Actually, if the option had been offered, I would have picked: "ALL of the above." Combine the fertile imagination of the pathological liar CA; dribs and drabs thrown into the mix by the defense team; old episodes of LA Law, and probably a sampling of recreational drugs and you have Team Casey's Greatest Hits.

    All Mason is interested in is creating reasonable doubt, so he figures if they throw enough "sheet" at the wall, SOMETHING will stick! In my humble, unlawyerly opinion, of course.
    Caylee Marie Anthony Travis Alexander: Never forgotten

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    Mrs. Baden listened and wildly endorsed it, then got out of town to talk it up on TV?

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    I think the whole thing is totally an ICA fantasy story. I have watched so many legal experts comment that the DT's case would have been so much easier and had so much better chance of creating reasonable doubt if they had just gone with the simple accident theory version that Caylee died accidently and ICA (alone) freaked out and covered it up. None of them can understand why they threw in George and the molestation to make it harder for them. I think ICA didn't want to accept ANY blame whatsoever and demanded they go with the story JB told in his OS.

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    I agree with jane the dood - there really should have been an "all of the above" option in the poll - I have no doubt that KC told JB the part about sexual abuse and I have no doubt that KC had nothing to do with the Kronk part and I'm pretty sure that the part about GA finding Caylee in the pool had to have something to do with a Star Trek alternate reality episode.

    I am still shaking my head about that opening statement. I really expected after 3 years that the DT would have come up with something more plausible. The only thing that was said in the opening that was truly believable was that KC lies. Before the opening statement, it might have been possible to convince me to at least consider that Caylee accidentally drowned in the pool - maybe - but instead - it has convinced me that KC is even more of cold and calculating that I thought before. If it really was some kind of accident then the opening would have contained the sad complete truth instead of all that nonsense. It just doesn't make sense to me that this is the best they could come up with in 3 years - they forgot that the first rule of fiction is that it should be at least somewhat believable.
    I know that you think you understand what you thought you heard me say, but, I'm not sure that you realize that what you heard me say is not really what I meant to convey.

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    Not sure. If this was their line of defense in the beginning, then why did they not promote this theory instead of the Zanny kidnapped Caylee theory? I tend to think that Baez made this up after realizing that they had no other options, but we may never know.

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    If th DT would have said this story in the beginning it would have been much more believable. Now, after ICA cops to all her lies, its seen as just another lie.

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    I think JB made it up from the facts related to him by ICA. It seems to me that it took a while for ICA to abandon "the nanny took her" scenario evidenced by JB's continued insistent that Caylee was kidnapped...no body, stick with the "she's still alive" theory.

    However, after Caylee was found, JB and ICA put their heads together and developed this cockamamie story

    ...except for the "RK found and hide and called and moved and called...." I think that was all JB!

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    I think it's probably just another fabrication of ICA's wild imagination.

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