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    Witnesses called as of June 4, 2011 (36)

    May 24, 2011
    - George Anthony

    May 25, 2011
    - Cameron Campana
    - Nathan Lezniewicz
    - Clint Roy House
    - Maria Kissh
    - Brian Burner
    - Jamie Realander
    - Erica Gonzalez
    - Anthony Lazzaro

    May 26, 2011
    - Anthony Lazzaro (again)
    - George Anthony (again)
    - Ricardo Morales
    - Melissa England
    - Troy Brown
    - Iassen Donov
    - Danti Salati
    - Christopher Stutz
    - Matthew Crisp

    May 27, 2011
    - Mallory Parker
    - William Waters
    - Catherine Sanchez - Amscot
    - Simon Birch
    - George Anthony (again)
    - Anthony Lazzaro (again)
    - [all store surveillance videos played]

    May 28, 2011
    - Anthony Lazzaro (again)
    - Cindy Anthony

    May 31, 2011
    - Cindy Anthony (again)
    - Amy Huizenga
    - [audio of KC first call home played]

    June 1, 2011
    - Amy Huizenga (again)
    - Lee Anthony
    - Rendon Fletcher
    - Adriana Acevedo
    - Amanda Macklin - Saw Grass Apts
    - Reginald Hosey
    - Yuri Melich

    June 2, 2011
    - Jeffrey Hopkins
    - Leonard Turtora
    - Yuri Melich (again)
    - [audio interview of KC at Universal played]
    - [jail visit videos played]

    June 3, 2011
    - [more jail visit videos played]
    - Charity Beasley
    - Awilda McBride
    - Christine Narkiewicz
    - Gerardo Bloise

    June 4, 2011
    - Karen Korsberg Lowe
    - Michael Vincent

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    State witnesses testified

    June 6, 2011

    - Dr. Arpad Vass - all day [air samples from trunk]

    June 7, 2011

    - Gerardo Bloise - [empty items in trash bag in trunk]
    - Dr. Arpad Vass - [only to correct an Exhibit number IO to IR]
    - Dr. Michael Rickenbach - FBI [ tests for chloroform items in trunk]
    - Jason Forgey - [OCSO dog handler of Gerus and Bones- search of car and backyard]

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    June 8, 2011
    - Kristen Brewer - Osceola County Sheriff's Dept - cadaver dog handler
    - Sandra [Cawn] Osborne - OCSO forensic computer examiner
    - Kevin Stenger - OCSO computer forensics - Osborne's supervisor
    - John Bradley - Cacheback - internet searches for chloroform, etc.

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    June 9, 2011
    - John Bradley - Cacheback - [Baez finished re-cross]
    - Lee Anthony - Baez does cross - new version of Zanny taking Caylee at JBlanchard
    - audio played of Roy Kronk finding human skull
    - Edward Turso - OCSO - went to Suburban Dr. with Roy Kronk and saw skull
    - Jennifer Welch - OCSO CSI - photos of crime scene, skull, duct tape, bags, blanket, Disney bag
    - Steve Hanson - Chief Investigator for the Medical Examiner's office - photos of skull [Mason cross exam]
    - Gary Utz - Medical Examiner - photos of skull, shorts, Henkel duct tape, laundry bag
    and garbage bags with tight knot in yellow handles
    [court recessed for day after afternoon break - Inmate "ill"]
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    June 10, 2011
    - Dr. Gary Utz - Medical Examiner's office - continuation [shorts and shirt and tags]
    - Dr. John Schultz - Univ of Central FL Forensic Anthropology [bones found] - Mason cross exam
    - Dr. Jan Garavaglia - Medical Examiner [manner and cause of death] Mason cross exam
    - Dr. Michael Warren - PhD C.A. Pound Human ID Lab -video superimposition played showing skull/face with duct tape wide enough to cover Caylee's mouth and nose
    - Michael Vincent - again -CSI with OCSO - insect evidence/maggots from trash in car sent to Dr. Neal Haskell
    - Robin Maynard - CSI with OCSO- insect evidence from Suburban Dr sent to Dr. Neal Haskell and the pink heart on the cardboard on Suburban Dr.

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    June 11, 2011
    - Dr. Neal Haskell - entomology/insects - flies in trunk and woods, napkins with adipocere from trash in trunk, and filters from vacuum trunk of car
    - Jennifer Welch (again) - OCSO CSI - photos at recovery site - bones, lettering on Big Trouble shirt, duct tape, machete, palmetto trunks, paver stones
    - Ronald Murdock - forensic supervisor for OCSO - created Total Station program 3D birds eye view of recovery site on Suburban Dr where bones and duct tape found, also did search warrant on Anthony home and collected gas can, heart stickers, photos of KC and Caylee bedrooms, Winnie-the-Pooh bedding, Whitney canvas laundry bag, black garbage bags in garage, photos of sheds and contents at Anthony home
    - Gerald Johnston - Owner Allen & Company surveying - created video animation of fly through of recovery site on Suburban Dr - purple markers are bones found

    [*** NOTE - Gerald Johnston - Allen & Company - see witness Kim Cannon - Allen & Co - architecture - EXPERT - added March 23, 2009 - testimony combined with witness Fabiano Santos [no Defense depo]
    witness Gerald Johnston testified at trial on June 11, 2011
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    June 13, 2011
    - Stephen Shaw - FBI - hair and fiber examiner - photos of hair with post mortem root banding and hairs from live people showing decomposition without post mortem root banding - no root banding in hair from live people only from deceased people in process of decomposition

    - Elizabeth Fontaine - FBI physical scientist forensic examiner in latent print division - examined 3 pieces of duct tape on remains - no fingerprints found - saw heart shaped residue on duct tape in the size of a dime - her supervisor saw it also

    Court dismissed early until tomorrow at 1:00
    State may rest its case in chief tomorrow or by noon on Wednesday
    Jury may be in deliberations by June 25th or June 27th

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    June 14, 2011

    - Catherine Theisen - Chief Quality Assurance - for FBI Lab Quantico, VA
    forensic mitochondrial DNA examiner - did exams on hair in trunk
    and Caylee's hair mass - they match

    also includes anyone in Casey's maternal line, Lee, Cindy, Grandma Plesea

    - Alina Burroughs - CSI with OCSO - testimony about aerial map showing
    distance from Anthony home to Suburban site, also about heart stickers
    found in Casey's bedroom

    - Cindy Anthony - testimony about
    hair lengths and colors on KC, Caylee, Cindy, Lee, Mrs. Plesea and her sons
    duct tape at the command center
    Whitney canvas laundry bags
    black garbage bags in garage
    Caylee's Big Trouble shirt
    George using duct tape
    Winnie The Pooh blanket missing
    shorts Caylee outgrew - while bouncing on KC's knees

    - jury shown puffy heart sticker on cardboard

    - stipulations regarding WFTV video on July 20, 2008, Lee at command post with
    duct tape on Caylee missing poster

    - stipulations regarding Cindy employment at Gentiva - January 1, 2008 through
    July 16, 2008 - time card history report

    - stipulations regarding George employment at Security Forces
    Jan 16, 2008 through July 4, 2008 - weekly time reports

    - stipulations regarding Photobucket photos from May 24, 2007 through
    July 16, 2008

    - stipulations regarding the identity of remains being Caylee Marie Anthony

    - stipulations regarding identity of defendant being Casey Anthony

    - Jenny Welch - CSI with OCSO - testimony regarding her photos of
    Casey's tattoo

    - Bobby Williams - Cast Iron Tattoos - did Bella Vita tattoo on Casey on July 2, 2008 and saw her on July 15th when she made an appointment for July 19th

    - Defense made Motion for mistrial - DENIED

    - State will enter 2 items of evidence on Wednesday morning, then rest their case

    - Mason said the Defense will file for a Judgment of Acquittal on Wednesday

    - Defense will start their presentation on Thursday June 16, 2011

    - State will take deposition of Defense proposed expert witness in Grief Therapy, Sally Karioth, on Saturday June 18, 2011

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    June 15, 2011

    - no witnesses today

    - State and Defense agreed to stipulation that the tattoo "Bella Vita" is an Italian phrase meaning "beautiful life" - the Judge read this to the jury

    - the State entered into evidence Exhibits IP/#322 and IQ/#323 - samples of spare tire cover in metal cans - Baez said they would want a proffer if anything else is done with this evidence [such as open cans]

    - the State rests their case in chief
    the jury is dismissed for the day

    - Mason gives argument to the Judge for Motion for Judgment of Acquittal
    LDBurdick gives the State's position
    Judge DENIES the Motion

    Judge: in this case there is more than a single act ... those acts consist of duct taping, the nose and mouth, the presence of chloroform in the trunk, coupled with fact that there is evidence that the child was placed in a trash bag and other container and
    statements introduced into evidence that during this time period Ms Anthony through statements, said that the child was alive during various segments of this time.
    It is quite clear in this case more than one single act which satisfies the test of Brooks vs State.
    Considering the evidence in the light most favorable to the state and reviewing all evidence and tests laid down by Florida Supreme Court the defense motion for judgment of acquittal on counts 1-7 are hereby denied.
    These are strictly questions for the jury to decide
    The court finds State has presented substantial competent evidence for this jury, the trier of fact in this case to decide this particular issue.

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    Defense case

    June 16, 2011 - Defense begins case

    - Gerardo Bloise - [State witness] CSI with OCSO - examined Tony's car, found no blood
    LDB said Tony's car did not smell like a dead body
    examined KC's clothes - no stains on pants from car on June 16th - Cindy
    had washed them

    - Heather Seubert - [State witness] FBI Lab - supervisor forensic DNA examiner
    expert in serology and DNA analysis
    no blood on spare tire cover or trunk liner
    no DNA typing on items from trunk
    no blood on clothing from KC's closet
    no blood on shovel or DNA
    3 pieces of duct tape - all Anthonys excluded from DNA profile
    DNA on duct tape from FBI Lorie Gottesman
    inconclusive DNA on sticky side of duct tape
    shorts - no blood or semen
    Big Trouble shirt - possible blood - no DNA
    blanket - possible blood - no DNA and no semen
    laundry bag - possible blood - no DNA
    Q103 blanket - unrelated to case - possible blood
    doll - no blood
    carseat - no blood
    steering wheel cover - no biological stains no testing
    Lee and George excluded as father of Caylee
    not George's DNA on duct tape
    Ashton - not blood but could be decomp fluid on items from trunk
    Ashton - no blood because killed in manner that blood not shed
    no DNA on duct tape because of exposure to elements for 6 months
    all this witness can say is no blood in the trunk and only DNA is from
    lab personnel

    - Robin Maynard - [State witness] CSI with OCSO - puffy heart sticker was found in lane 6,
    45ft from baseline [no cross exam]

    - Ron Murdock - [State witness] forensic supervisor for OCSO - created Total Station program
    3D birds eye view of recovery site on Suburban Dr where bones and duct tape found - heart sticker in lane 6, 45ft from baseline - 30ft away from skull in
    area A [ no cross exam]

    - Jennifer Welch - [State witness] OCSO CSI - no bones found past lane 6 where puffy heart
    sticker found
    lots of photos of trash photographed and collected from scene
    LDB - Caylee Marie Anthony was discarded in a TRASH DUMP

    - Lorie Gottesman - [State witness] FBI - supervisor Forensic Document Examiner
    examined 3 pieces of duct tape for heart sticker residue - none found
    her DNA profile was on the duct tape after she examined it
    she examined pieces of black plastic from scene and also black garbage
    bags that Caylee was in, from the scene and compared to black garbage
    bags from Anthony home - no match conclusively
    Ashton - some were inconclusive - could be - maybe - maybe not match

    - Cary Oien - [State witness] FBI Lab - expert in hair and fiber analysis
    examined Brian Burner shovel - found fragment of hair - not enough to
    compare to known samples
    Ashton - means nothing

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    June 17, 2011 - Defense case

    only one witness today - Dr. Timothy Huntington
    Asst Professor of Biology at Concordia in Nebraska
    expert forensic entomology consultant
    LKBaden asked him to get involved with the case the day Caylee found - Dec 11, 2008
    [before the remains were even confirmed to be Caylee]
    he was trained by State expert Dr. Neal Haskell
    he said human decomp fluids will KILL GRASS [Cindy said there is a spot of grass in
    their backyard which will not grow grass anymore]
    he says his conclusion is that there was never a dead body in the trunk, and stain in the
    trunk is not from decomp fluid
    Ashton had him admit that the trunk still stunk after 2 years, and that the body was placed at the Suburban site in June/July 2008

    Ashton gave a hypothetical where Caylee could have been ALIVE in the trunk

    hypothetical - body in trunk day or two, perhaps even placed there alive
    object overruled
    in trunk alive, dies in trunk, if large amounts of chloroform on body or in air, what affect would chloroform have on early colonizers/flies on this dead body? no research on that topic I don't know good answer

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    June 18, 2011

    only two Defense witnesses today

    -Dr. William Rodriguez - Forensic Anthropologist with Dept of Defense Armed Forces Medical Examiner Office in Washington, DC
    expert in Forensic Anthropology, Taphonomy, and Forensic Entomology
    unpaid consultant
    one of the founders of the Body Farm in TN
    he said decomp fluid kills vegetation, by smothering it, at initial deposit site of human body decomposing
    [Cindy said grass will not grow in a spot in her backyard since 2008]

    he started to say how he can tell how the duct tape was applied but going into this area is a violation of the Court Order for all experts to write in their report all opinions they will testify to
    Dr. Rodriguez must do a deposition with the State today at 1:00, then return to continue to testify on Monday, next week.

    Judge withholds ruling on possible contempt of court finding against Baez for not disclosing to the State the info about Dr. Rodriguez' testimony regarding the positioning of the duct tape

    - Dr. Werner Spitz - professional medical doctor and Forensic Pathologist
    Chief Medical Examiner of Wayne County Michigan in Detroit
    he did 2nd autopsy on Caylee's remains (actually just an exam of her skeleton)
    he cut open her skull and claims to have found brain dust sediment inside, meaning her skull decomposed laying on the left side
    he says no DNA on the duct tape from Caylee's skin
    no fractures or blows on skull
    no damage to bones except animal chews and the thigh bone cut open for testing
    Dr G did not take bone marrow from thigh bone for testing to help determine cause of death
    he says manner of death could be accident [not homicide as Dr G says]
    he says duct tape not placed prior to decomp [as Dr G says] - he says duct tape placed after decomp - to hold mandible to the skull
    he says nothing on bone to indicate duct tape affixed to skull
    he says no skin on the duct tape
    he says no adipocere on skeleton - forms in 10-12 days

    Ashton cross exam of Spitz
    Spitz says somebody draped strands of hair on skull for photo
    Spitz says residue inside skull is brain dust, not just dirt
    Ashton said no need to cut open the skull, can just look through the bottom
    Caylee's hair was stuck to the duct tape and fell to the back, not to the side
    Ashton brought out Spitz' attraction to high profile cases and interviews with media
    - local Orlando TV interview
    - local Detroit TV6 interview this week
    - Detroit newspaper interview
    - interview with Orlando Tony Pipitone
    - interview with female Detroit reporter
    - TODAY Show in 2009
    - 48Hours show interview
    - in high profile cases of Phil Spector and OJ Simpson

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    June 20, 2011

    No witnesses today
    recessed at 11:00 until 9:00am tomorrow

    Baez was going to call Dr. William Rodriguez but Ashton told the Judge he needed more time to review Dr. R's deposition transcript from Saturday, and time to prepare for cross examination.

    Ashton said Dr. R prepared to state opinion which he is not qualified to give: opinion that other people can't distinguish human decomp from other odors. This opinion was not in Dr R's original Report.

    Then Baez wanted to call Defense expert Mr. Richard Eiklenbloom - but Ashton said there is nothing in his Report, so Ashton did not do a deposition with him, with no info.

    Ashton said Mr. Eiklenbloom showed up at my office yesterday afternoon [Sunday] w/o depo, had no report and I just got a 2 page report and 45 slide PP presentation yesterday [Sunday]

    Ashton said he will prepare another Sanctions package against Baez for this deliberate violation of the court order.

    Ashton said he will take a deposition of Mr. Eiklenbloom on Tuesday at 5:00pm.

    The Judge reviewed his previous Orders regarding expert witnesses, from Dec 10, 2010 and Jan 6, 2011.

    Judge granted State request to defer testimony of Dr. Wm Rodriguez.
    Judge said he will deal with the Sanctions issue after the trial is over.
    Judge said the Florida Bar may get involved when the trial is over.

    Judge said if there are repeated violations of his Orders, then exclusion of the witness testimony may be the proper remedy if it continues.

    Judge said Wednesday will be a short trial day.

    Defense said Dr. Rodriguez was first witness - second witness was Richard Eiklenbloom - third witness was a woman they were trying to get. She never arrived.

    Judge told all attorneys to be in court at 8:30am every morning from now on.

    Judge said we would go all day on Saturday [not stop at 1:00].

    Judge said by stipulation between Defense and State court is in recess until 9:00am tomorrow morning.

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    June 21, 2011

    - Jennifer Welch - CSI with OCSO - Atty Sims did direct exam photos of vegetation and log removed
    Ashton said in cross that she has no idea how close to skull photo of vegetation removed, was

    - Dr. Jane Bock - Botanist - Atty Sims did direct exam
    shortest time Caylee's remains could have been at recovery site was
    two weeks - because of pattern of leaf litter
    said no camphor tree at recovery site and camphor leaves found in
    trunk of car
    Ashton said in cross that she cannot say for sure only 2 weeks
    because leaf litter was up to the nose of Caylee's skull and her hip
    bone was buried in 4 inches of muck
    there were roots growing into Caylee's hair mass and into the
    laundry bag and bones

    - re: witness William Rodriguez - Forensic Anthropologist with Dept of Defense Armed Forces Medical Examiner Office in Washington, DC
    expert in Forensic Anthropology, Taphonomy, and Forensic Entomology
    left Saturday because of discovery violations about opinion re duct tape
    Ashton said about him not coming back, at some point the Judge needs
    to tell the jury about that

    Judge will craft some language for that
    Baez said they have further inquiry, discussing that as a team now

    - Richard Eikelenboom - DNA scientist
    Judge read an instruction to jury that his Report was not provided to
    the State until Saturday June 18th

    Eikelenboom wanted to testify about lack of DNA testing on
    carpet stain in trunk, with low copy DNA testing

    ** Judge said the Defense will still be going on for next two weeks

    ** Judge said this discovery violation was willful, not inadvertent
    and substantial, not trivial - sanction is to not allow Eikenlenboom
    to testify about possibility of testing decomp fluid in trunk

    will allow Defense to file a Motion for a Frye hearing by Saturday
    will hold a Frye Hearing on Wednesday or Thursday evening

    used PowerPoint slides to explain touch DNA
    says DNA could have been collected from sticky side of duct tape if
    it had been put on Caylee's mouth
    could have got DNA from maggots or flies
    Ashton on cross said flies were very tiny and had been dead a long time
    hot, wet environment worst things for DNA
    extremely remote possibility to find DNA on duct tape after body
    sits in hot swampy area for 6 months and completely skeletonized

    he did not do DNA testing on duct tape - question raised objection that Judge has to research

    the examples on slides of panties, jacket and hand in water for 3 weeks - not
    dealing with skeletonized remains

    - Yuri Melich - conducted 3 search warrants on Anthony home and found no
    printouts from computer search for how to make chloroform or items
    related to chloroform
    LDBurdick on cross said that Casey was out of jail during this time
    on first search warrant in late August Melich did not have preliminary
    results from Oak Ridge Lab on high levels of chloroform in trunk carpet

    - Dr. Marcus Wise - research scientist at Oak Ridge Lab in TN
    analytical chemistry
    Baez asked about protocols and quality control measures and tried to point
    out errors in Dr. Wise testing methods
    Baez mentioned contamination of air samples by gasoline in trunk
    Ashton on cross talked about highest peak of chloroform in air samples

    - State gave Defense new supplemental Discovery
    CS of info about Inmate April Whalen who was in jail at same time
    with Casey and whose son drowned in pool, found by grandfather
    and info on computer activity and IMs on Anthony HP desktop computer
    on June 16, 2008 - State may use evidence to rebut Baez' opening statements
    about what happened on the morning of June 16, 2008
    photos of shot girls

    - Judge said short day on Wednesday, work until noon, because Judge has to
    attend a meeting regarding trial court budget, he is on the executive committee

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