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    Quote Originally Posted by Quiche View Post
    The wiki page has been cleaned up, mo.

    Wow. SO many entries/clean-ups today.

    Shady, shady, shady...

    I REALLY, REALLY hope the news media gets a hold of this! JB is so fond of his media attention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimster View Post
    I'm on my lunch break. Is Baez doing worse than normal today? Is that what you guys are saying?
    He got out a couple of good points, but other than that he's coming across as overbearing to me.
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    We hope to be doing a radio show with all our artists real soon. Hope you can join in the fun. Please bare with us while we improve the show especially the sound.
    Laserdog Enterprises would like to bring you our version of a Tribute to the Angels of Newtown. Another school shooting in Georgia thankfully no children were hurt.

    Please take a few moments and visit the missing children site. We really need you.
    Click on the link to find a missing child,teen or adult.


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    The bombshell the JB didn't know the answer to was why Dr. Vass didn't include the air sample from the trunk in his 'chart' in the report - because no trunk liner was there

    It could have been the differences between draft rpt and final rpt (he listed different amts of chemicals found and said that is because some of the same checmicals have different names and he failed to cross duplicate items off the draft rpt)

    It could have been the 3 cars in draft rpt and 2 cars in final rpt which Dr. Vass said was also an error which he signed an affadavit regarding - there were 3 samples and 2 cars


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    "I can feel coming in the air tonite"

    Phil Collins...

    "So you can wipe off that grin...(ICA)...I know where you've been...its all been a pack of lies."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quiche View Post
    The wiki page has been cleaned up, mo.

    Totally - when I looked at it earlier today before the lunch break, I saw a reference to biochemistry or something similar, and I went "Huh?!" because I already knew that Dr. Vass is NOT a biochemist.

    Now when I look @ the page, it says research scientist and forensic anthropologist.

    It appears that someone has been monkeying with the facts.
    To understand the soul of a horse is the closest we humans can come to knowing perfection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleutherontheside View Post
    Wonder if anyone did screen caps of the suspect wiki page entries? Those that JB was attributing to Dr. Vass.
    I just went over there and clicked "edit" and then "read" (I think that's what I did.) All the changes were laid out nice and easy to read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anb View Post
    Whoa, there was a change to Dr. Vass's wiki page during the lunch hour that has now been erased? Serious? Sneaky, sneaky!
    Wouldn't you love to have some forensic testing done on all laptops and phones in the courtroom today?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ynotdivein View Post
    Yes, GiantPickle. Was just reminding folks that getting tipsy during recess is no excuse for TOS violations in Sidebar or elsewhere.

    Um, I just did something to my screen so that everything still shows up as usual, except the font is one size smaller. Can someone please PM me to help me get back to what normally passes for normal? TIA!
    space bar and plus

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    Quote Originally Posted by ynotdivein View Post
    I was so zonked, I yelled "Sidebar" (meaning thread) instead of "RECESS!" (meaning Go to the Sidebar Thread)....

    O.M.G. That's all I gots.

    The Wikipedia thing IMO is somebody thinking they are smart and updating that page. Don't think the DT would be quite so foolhardy. I hope.
    I think the DT's words and actions in court might argue the other way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marigold View Post
    I had to step away for a few minutes. When I came back, The commentators on WFTV were saying there was some sort of bombshell? Can someone tell me what I missed please? TIA
    Yep me too - anyone? They said nobody had ever asked Dr. Vass that in any deposition and that Jose should not have asked a question he didn't know the answer to and that it was a bombshell...anyone catch Belich talking about that?
    Disclaimer: I have a JD, but I am not licensed to practice. Therefore, do not interpret anything contained in my posts as legal advice - they are my personal opinion only.

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    Recess over, jury coming back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mommy2Sarah View Post
    Another poster determined it was made from IIRC, a town an hour away from Orlando. My question is, could that be where the IP is 'registered' or something similar, and the actual device that it was done on be in another location?
    Whoever made that change did not consider WebSLEUTHS , IMO
    Always ,just my opinion

    We never saw it coming .Please talk to your teen even if you don't think you need to !
    Far more teens commit impulsive suicide without chronic depression
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    Quote Originally Posted by legalmania View Post
    Didn't it come into question that he didn't have enough experience to be a death penalty attorney?
    Yes it did so whyyyyyyyyyyyy did he continue?
    As we can all see he is way out of his league?

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    But perhaps this very holding back is the one suffering you could have avoided.
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    From those of us at work today to those of you posting: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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