A 60-year-old woman jumped on the back of a 13ft crocodile as it dragged a man from his tent in Australia.

The crocodile let go of the man but went for the woman instead until someone else shot it dead, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

The 34-year-old man was camping north of Cairns, in Queendsland, with his wife and baby when the crocodile attacked.

A 60-year-old woman camped nearby saw it dragging the man by his legs towards the water 150ft away and jumped on to its back.

Tackled by the woman, the crocodile let go of the man and grabbed her instead, dragging her towards the water.

She was saved when a third person, yet to be identified, shot the reptile dead.

The injured pair were evacuated by helicopter to hospital at Cairns where the woman was being treated for a broken arm and the man for injuries including a broken arm and a broken leg.