Posted on Monday, 06.06.11

Police suspect murder in death of Coconut Grove man whose body was found burned

Camilo Salazar, 43 yrs old, was VP and President CEO in some of his father's ventures Eduardo Salazar who is a real estate investor.

Camilo dropped his newborn child off with his wife at her office and when he realized that he had left the pacifer in the car he went back out to get it---never to be seen alive again. But his car remained there. (last wens.)

The next day media started calling local LE about a body that had been found burning (address in the article) and they put two and two together and an autopsy confirmed Camilo's identity.

He is reported in the article as a family man that is active in church activities (fund raising and art shows).

What caught my eye is this:

Zabaleta said another body was found torched to death exactly one week before Salazar’s, but police have found no connection between the two cases.

The victim in that case was Erik Comesana, 25, of 14317 SW 165th St., whose body was found about 11 p.m. May 27 at Southwest 196th Avenue and 176th Street.
Possibly not connected but kind of an odd way to murder and dispose a victim of a random crime by abducting them, murdering them and then setting their body on fire. Just struck me as odd.

(ETA: I paraphrased the article, make sure to read it to make sure I didn't make mistakes except for the direct quote at the end of my post TIA!)