ayme "Dusty" Murphy is a convicted church arsonist who once walked into a service wearing a miniskirt with black-lacquer fingernails, purple dreadlocks and nine piercings. But today, the Community Pentecostal Church of God will welcome him as the congregation's newest ordained minister.

It will be the latest transformation for the 23-year-old Florence resident who, claiming Satan made him do it, tried to torch Fairview Christian Church near Williamstown on Halloween night 1998. Since then, Murphy has gone from being written off as a schizophrenic who needed to be medicated and institutionalized to a husband, a doting father of two and an inspiring Gospel singer.

"He was into Satanism something feverish," says Aaron Levering, 28, of Tuttle, Okla., the former pastor of Fairview Christian. "But that night, trying to burn my church down, set off a chain of events that led him to Jesus.

"It's a very powerful story I wish he would come back to my former church and tell."

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