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    Steven Hanson testimony (Chief Investigator, ME's Office)

    Casey when medical examiner introduces himself.

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    Steve Hansen - assistant chief investigator ME for OC...

    crime scene manager ...11 yrs prior chief investigator

    (sorry missed his history)

    12/11/08 - received call re: remains around 11:00 am....traveled to Surburban drive in Orlando....photos of area surround scene - road surburban drive ....area near actual scene....publish photo - south side of Suburban Drive....see up towards center top - opening in the growth - path lead where remains found.....circle area center of photo...

    SA #BX - photo - scene found moving further into woods.....publish.....take various photos @ scene go from larger area into smaller area.....photo as things were found.....advertising sign? not sure ....

    BY - photo next farther down....item referring to over here = plastic advertisement with metal stands on it to stick in ground....received and publish

    BZ - photo publish...circle item little sign going in....give us a line continue on the path.....circle with line slightly curve to right...

    path area - from sign curves to right...photo published

    next photo - further into area in question....publish - not shown on screen....see first area of where we are talking about....circle fallen log....pic on screen.....woods ....

    put a line around area of concern....photo taken with a flash...fairly depecited.....

    CK is standing with her attys while witness is testifying? what trying to tell the court it is lunchtime? JA asks to break for lunch...

    1 min before hour of noon.....JB hugs kc quickly...kc dropps keenex pack - kc leans into table...kc leaves....in recess......

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    collected the black garbage bag, the cloth/canvas bag and some long bones that were in the immediate area.
    Scooped the garbage bag and canvas bag as a unit, scooping up the debris again around them.
    Also took some clothing they weren't sure it they were connected or not, plus a large piece of cloth that turned out to be a blanket.

    Took it all to the pathologist's office.
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    Hanson says he didn't know at the time of collection the shorts were actually shorts. also collected what was believed to be a blanket.-fell
    by cfnews13casey via twitter at 11:54 AM
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    JA w/

    within process of clearing pictures taken.....witness advise very dense vegetation, very difficult to see remains........rotten logs....not sure of the orientation....get confusing in there....essentially directly above and just a little behind it - very close.....not able to appreciate the duct tape @ that point.....series of photos taking before moving skull...appeared to be duct tape on the skulll...where that is....above skull in upper part of the photo on the skull.....

    photos taken

    SA exhibit CI - photo of the scene with vines cleared away - see log down there had been removed....publish - not shown on tv.....people in gallery looking up to monitor....things on the ground - everything same position as when got there....

    SA exhibit CJ - photo close up of the skull....(kc looking down) no ground material disturbed at all...close up of the area....publish - describe angle of photo - attempting to ....photo taken from opposite from the other ones....where the log was...moved out away and took picture from the other side the other perspective - the first vantage point could n't see front of the skull - so this pic taken 2 1/2 feet off the ground - - digital camera - screen flips out and rotates - without getting down on ground at same level - he was bending down but his face not down by camera - rearranged screen to see it...... asked to circle duct tape - 2 dimensional photo - tape sitting flat on ground or perpendicular or angle? difficult to tell due to hair mat and undergrowth.....best of knowledge - nothing moved yet - difficult to tell exactly what it was....lots leaf debris....portion of duct tape under leaf debris? yes but we didn't know that at the time...when photographing - always exactly in order and how it was found....subsequent photos we can see had to clear debris away so we could see.....

    hair mat? appeared then and later proven true - these areas were probably hair....also id'd more hair strands on photo

    SA exhibit CK- relationship of skull,bags and tape in the photo - picture published....kc holding tissue to fce, wipe nose - fist to mouth & nose.....head down eyes appear closed.

    Steven Hansen - ME discusses skeletonized remains - focus on scene as it relates to the remains vs broad photo's the regular crime scene analysts are taking....we work hand in hand w/LE - we have control of the remains LE has control over crime scene.....we were hoping the remains were mostly contained within the bags.....take custody/control over bags....LE agreed with them to handle it in this way....

    JA w/SH - SA exhibit CL = skull, duct tape, one plastic bag...publish....was a portion of the skull in the ground or leaf litter? Not sure about dirt but ...up to eye sockets with debris .....do my own skull just a below or touching a little above the the eye sockets....circumference around the skull...(kc holding fist covered w/sleeve to mouth)

    was it straight up? angled - difficult to tell due to orientation of ground around whether angled up or down......attempt to remove the skull and tape together.....Det. Welch and ? talked about it....remove large area under skull - recovering every thing there....not sure what else under it...try to collect large portion - not just lift skull up ...removed large area to put in a bag...

    already reached down and hand reach down and lift of the skull....get entire debris and skull....about 6-8" around the skull to the side....put hand down til hit something solid - scoop up and lift ....picture taken

    hair mat and tape...seriously doubt it to keep exactly the same exact position but tried as best we could....we collected plastic bag and canvas bag next to it....also long bones in the area of the skull.....also collected and placed in the back of ME vehicle....trash and canvas bags were collected as one unit and scooping all around debris onto a plastic shroud and then all that taken as a unit.....skull, bag, shorts, long bone, another piece of cloth - believe determined to be a blanket....all things of that ilk...all things with each other were all collected and taken.....

    one of his roles to go back and forth between scene to collect bones or human remains possible- OCSO -collected those and he would sign for them and transported remains back to the ME office....there were one or 2 times where LE transported pieces from the scene to the office....most part he was the one going back and forth...

    first trip on 12/11/08 and last trip? refer to notes ...on 12/17/08 think last time went out there - gather remains or what they thought what might be remains....Dr. Schultz was to look @ to determine if human......he is primary anthropologist working with ME - Hansen called him prior to going to the scene on the 11th....Hansen came to the ME on the 11th...


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    Oh it is Mason up at cross...

    Makes a joke - this is the only time I want to see you - Mason to crime person.

    Fell flat - long pause - and a ""yes sir" answer

    Mason put up a picture and wants him to identify "things"
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    Dr. Lillian Glass weighs in on this mornings theatrics, good read!

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    CM - And do you know who moved the log?

    Witness - Yes I do. I did.

    CM - shocked look on face

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    LDB helping CM. He tells her to stay at the podium with him. She politely says, "No - I don't work for you!"

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    And Casey had to cover her mouth to stifle a laugh when that interaction happened between Mason and Linda.

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    Mason: the skull was embedded? How deep was it embedded?
    Hanson: I don't know. Vegetation...perhaps it was embedded in, not dirt...
    Mason: Had anyone moved the skull before you got there?
    Hanson: initial information I got was that the person who may have found it kicked it (move to strike by prosecution)
    Mason: On your watch, was the skull moved?
    Hanson: No.
    Mason: Referring to photo...who are all of these feet in the photo (I guess eluding to the fact that the other feet other than Hanson's were not covered?)
    Hanson: It was important to me that I not disturb anything.
    Mason: If the duct tape were in the position that it was revealed in the photos that we all just saw (duct tape around the whole skull, mouth and nostrils) could the tape had been moved by your picking up the skull?
    Hanson: It may have.
    Mason: Dr. G. then took over from there...
    Hanson: yes. He was out there several days in a row. once the bones were recovered I was involved in the transportation and searching of the area but not the analysis of what happened.
    Mason: Did you observe the analysis?
    Hanson: A bit but it wasn't my job.

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    CM w/Hansen...identify photo - see machete? and this green arrow thing? yes I didn't put it there - that is how I found the scene.....did you see Ms. WElch from CSI pics? no only my own....there were several CSI people there - media was there but not in taped off area ....removed vegetation...rotted log to see better....exhibit # 209 in evidence ....CM doesn't know how to use telestrator....CM tells LDB "thank you -- you stay here - No - I don't work for you"

    Duct tape lay flat on surface of ground...(object - a photo - can we approach? NO....duct tape flat on ground? portion of the duct tape laying on the ground...edge appear to be torn ....not sure if end of tape or tape itself start to break down and silvering come away from fiber reinforcement ...wasn't measured by Hansen @ the scene - no scales used with the photo like a ruler down the side....no .....skull appeared to be imbedded.....how deep whatever embedded in? don't know...ground clutter vegetation - don't think it was imbedded in dirt per say...

    initial info received person found it may have kicked it (object-....disregard the ....)
    on your watch nobody moved it until you pick up - ask who other feet belong to? two of them are his but they were officials - no one not authorized to be there....what was the reason to dig down to gather as much material as you can...
    1) collect everything important
    2) don't move hair mat and duct tape

    if duct tape were in the position in the picture...duct tape might have changed position? could have....mentioned names ....on call ME who stayed to receive remains on 12/11/08 Dr. G came in to the process and took over? seemed that way....he was no longer involved that was Dr. stuff.....he went out repeatedly to pick up evidence ...he was involved in transportation but not analysis.....he didn't do sifting or search....

    he observed on occassions when he was in the room while they were doing some work...he was doing his job @ the time....someone was assembling the skeleton? someone was doing that - photographed process? not by me...

    CM asks for a moment....checks w/JB.....kc hasn't moved much....appears to wrap herself in a shroud....fist covered hand to mouth ...looking down not moving....

    CM back up.... the log that you moved did you photo whole thing before moved? no - couldn't photo while moving....pushed off to left side completely away from area of evidence....JB & CM confer.....

    if (something) was there when I got there I would have photo'ed it....

    witness excused

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