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    MSNBC on the Casey Anthony Trial tonight

    Mods, if there is already a thread or I should put this somewhere else please delete or move so I know where to go. I am recording it right now and then I am going to watch it after I watch 20/20. Will be back! Too many places to be at once today.
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    I could not watch 20/20 with AL on there but this is not bad!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by littebudot View Post
    I could not watch 20/20 with AL on there but this is not bad!!
    I'm just starting to watch it now because the 20/20 stuff is over. Seems very factual so far and like they are not leaning towards the defense!

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    Thank you, I missed some of the trial today.

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    Granted, I don't know that I would be able to pick out every little thing that is inaccurate, but in this show the only thing that I caught was they mentioned that wasn't quite right was one person (Dr. V) testified that the chloroform levels were high but another said not too high and it bothers me a little that in a show that seemed so accurate, they would not get the science right either, so does the jury actually get it and that those were different tests.

    This would have bothered me more yesterday. That is very little in the pile of evidence and today's testimony hit it out of the park.

    They did have someone on there that said the prosecution has done a compelling job. But that with no one having said this is how the child died, it is a big hurdle to overcome. This must have been taped before today, but not much, because the remains and GA and CA leaving were mentioned. Nothing on today tho.

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