I remember the first time I realized that people take children. It was September 1982 in the city of Des Moines Iowa that an 11 year old paperboy named Johnny Gosch was taken while working his Sunday morning paper route. What followed was a completely botched investigation by the police department and a mother who made it her lifes work to make sure nothing like this ever happened to anyone else's child. Noreen Gosch has gone on to write legislation for missing children. Her own child Johnny was taken from her for 14 years. When she finally saw him again it was only briefly. He now lives under an assumed identity, fearful for his life. This is worthy of anyones time to read. It is a shocking account with more twists than anything Hollywood could come up with. God bless Noreen Gosch in all of her work, and God bless Johnny and all the other children like him who have met similair fates at the hands of these terrible people. I would welcome posts from anyone who knows more about this case. I've investigate what I could on the web. Here is a link to the web site Noreen Gosch started. I invite everyone to read their incredible story.