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    Ronald Murdock testimony (OCSO CSI supervisor)

    Ronald Murdock - supv. of CSI - OCSO - major crimes homicides and shootings...work gets done, administrative duties - payroll, other roles ....12/11/08 Caylee's remains...responded to scene on 12th - duties there assist other supv in our unit....clear debris and vegetation from area - primarily document diagram scene - total station...similar to survey on side of road - use 2D images to put into diagram...Jen Welch CSI marked item - he would take the item - place items roadway/lights etc...she marked evidence....document location of each bone first flagged and then recovered...group bones from measures total stations- some bones so close together when a lot of bones together - circle area - place what was in that circled area...duct tape recovered away from some of the bones....wait for the train to pass.....

    LDB - w/Murdock - total station program available on laptop brought with - can print out various screens as testify....
    QJ & QK

    QK- roadway - posts, duct tape, baseline.....such density cannot make out each individual marking for the bone

    QJ - bones removed just the diagrammed areas -
    JB - only sees one diagram - checks with LDB - no objects - evidence received -publish
    witness publish from his laptop hooked to monitor - 2 exhibits....

    start with first QJ - 279 in evidence ...bones located within diagram.....explain to jury what looking @...overview of scene - roadway on Surburban....here location of bones...red circle are areas......black marks in there represents individual bones....zoom into red circle - representing where bones found - densily populated in H & I looks almost like an inkblot so many bones.....zoom into make out a few of the markings? bone 326 skull would be dot....see letter S - refer to report....to tell which bone in which circled area....unzoom....system utilized give distance of edge of suburban drive to area A ...19' to center of area A - demonstrate on laptop - zoom in....to the center roughly 19.8 feet....screen shows 19'.....line getting to area A - brush line - area maintained by county cleared - everything else free to grow....edge of roadway and treeline approx. 4.9 - 5'....publish other screen

    #280 in evidence....red circled areas with one black mark....have a letter D1 - near area A - represents duct tape - D=duct tape....look @ report refresh....duct tape brand name Henkle Consumer adhesives.....other D's but didn't have any marking to his recollection....survey company Allen & Co...scene as documented using total station equipment....
    ay for identification - photo evening hours 12/11/08 @ Anthony residence - items in one of their sheds....no objects...received publish...

    AZ - pic of interior of another shed on a's property on 12/11/08, items inside the shed...introduce - no objects- publish...item in that photo collected? yes ....circle item....circles

    JV and JW on same exhibit....item collected and photo there - red metal gas can...
    attached JW - received in evidence (assume JW is the duct tape on the gas can)

    LDB confers with JA ....he nods - Kc stoic looking @ monitor....had to check and see if my kc cam froze again - but she blinked.....back to her mannequin pose IMO

    pictures of heart shaped stickers from A home....(object - sidebar)

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    pics of kc's room - LDB w/Murdock....relevance - JB object 7 months since kc lived in that room....object overrule

    BA identify - Murdock pic of items found in kc room? don't believe that photo taken on 11th - think that was during search warrent on 12/20/08....

    BB identify....evening of 12/11/08 fair and accurate depict room belonging to Caylee....received - no objections - publish....kc looking on....wipe eyelash....

    collect items from that room? KF & KE for identifcation...big package is KE - winnie the pooh bedding from Caylee bedroom.....KE entered into evidence....KF - item collected on that date - also WTP items from guest or office dresser drawer....into evidence smaller brown package...

    collect items from garage on 12/11/08 BD - photo of interior of garage on 12/11/08 ...publish LDB whispers to JA - he nods in agreement....close up photo items taken on shelf.....items in position on shelf and collect for preservation.....items enclosed in bags on top shelf...items on 12/11/08 = BE black plastic bags with yellow handles....publish

    items in garbage bags on shelf removed and photo'ed....BF ...item removed from garbage bag on shelf....accurate pic of the item....whitney design bag with square rigid opening - introduce into evidence - publish....canvas cloth laundry bag with brand name whitney design....

    KD -large brown paper package - he recognizes the sticker - tag # and item number - open item in photo is in bag....confirm...package inside another package....item depicted as well as evidence tape and his seals....enter into evidence - no objects - received

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    KA, KC, KB, JY and JX are:

    KA = labelled as found within A home: from garage wall = garbage - black

    KB = blk garbage bag from east garage area within a suitcase

    KC = blk garbage bag yellow handles north garage inside of cooler

    JY = blk garbage bag w yellow handles south garage wall top shelf

    JX = blk garbage bag w yellow handles south shed
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    Interesting - found back garbage bags in:

    inside a suitcase

    inside a cooler

    inside a dog crate

    why would those be there? I kinda get the suitcase - but the cooler and a dog crate?

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    cross exam by JB

    Nice to see you
    the diagram that LDB showed us earlier showed a piece of duct tape, how far was it from the skull

    not recall off the top of my head

    may I stand by you sir? (witness shows jb something on laptop)

    6,27 feet

    now the search warrant, when you did it in the Anthony home, you knew you were looking for distinctive duct tape

    not your average duct tape

    I just knew it had a brand name on it

    you didn't find it in the garage

    none was located

    did you find an area where there was a lot of other kinds of tape

    I don't recall

    you didn't find the Henkel brand wrapped around any items

    no if we'd seen it it'd have been collected

    you searched the entire garage

    not personally, i was in charge of collecting

    you went up into the attic

    i didn't

    your team did

    no henkel duct tape?

    nothing inside the house?

    no because it wasn't collected

    searched the back yard, around the pool, shed, every item taken out of the sheds, thoroughly searched, but no Henkel duct tape?

    nothing except the piece on gas can

    how many people were there

    I don't recall, 10-15 people I'd imagine

    so between your agency and FBI searching the Anthony home this is the only item with Henkel Duct tape, attached to this gas can.


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    The duct tape was not at the Anthony home because if it wasn't used up hangng the Caylee Is Missng posters or located at the "tent"....then they DUMPED it because it was so damn incriminating.

    Kudos to WFTV for that photo of GA (?) using it to hang the Missing posters. Busted big tme.

    Baez....you are flunking here. You're "victory" is going to be very short lived. Maybe 10 minutes. Can't wait for the WFTV photo!

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    all these items were taken out? including shovels? no henkel duct tape?

    not to my knowledge?

    JB lists items that had no duct tape on them as if it proves something, nothing on saw, lawnmower etc.

    was there a lock on the shed?

    i believe there was

    how was that opened

    not sure

    all the items that yuo found and introduced here were black garbage bags, (with the exception of the blankets, bedding, bag), like this one

    yes it's a garbage bag

    so as it relates to any duct tape, I know you already testified this is the only place you found it, did you find the roll


    did you search vehicles

    they were part of search

    did you find any duct tape

    i didn't persoally search every item but nothing was brought to my attention

    no further questions

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    LDb w/Murdock - multiple black plastic garbage bags with yellow handles from many areas in A garage on 12/11/08.

    JB w/Murdock - 6 1/4 feet away (6.27 feet away) duct tape on scene away from skull...brand name on duct tape....looking for....didn't find it in garage duct tape? no none located....other types duct tape? don't recall....Henkle brand wrapped around wires or pipes ...searched garage....didn't personally....when items discovered he photo and collected items...team into attic....nothing with Henkle duct tape....througout the house no Henkle duct tape inside house, backyard area, around pool, sheds, every item item taken out sheds, searched - no henkle duct tape except one on gas can....extensive and exhaustive search 10-15 people there searching....between your agency and FBI search A home - the only item henkle duct tape was attached to gas can....photo of duct tape in woods...on gas can....
    publish #282 - interior of shed...keep out signs visible....search for duct tape...to his knowledge items taken out...no henkle duct tape on rake/weedeater/saw - all lawn equip none contained henkle brand duct tape to murdock knowledge ....lock on shed? yes believe there was....not sure how opened....he was notified when something found to be collected..all items found were black garbage bags with exception of blankets and bedding and bag were black garbage bags....including one in garbage can...refer to report....have black garbage bag collected from this shed....

    gas can only place Henkle duct tape @ home...searched vehicles never found roll of duct tape...he didn't personally search all the home...just items brought to his attention to photo and collect.....

    witness leaves stand
    kc smirks @ JB - he doesn't make eye contact w/kc

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    Ron Murdock


    (Mombomb finds him to be a cutie.)

    He is employed by the OCSO as a supervisor in the forensics unit. He was asked to hook up his mapping system that he has previously testified to. He did so and was then asked to draw generally where the heart-shaped sticker was found. He marked where 45 feet from the baseline was. JB requested to publish to the Jury. (We can't see). He estimated it was approximately 30 feet from where the skull was found to where the heart shaped sticker was found.

    Where were the duct tape pieces?

    OBJECTION BY LDB - inaccurate - (No ruling given - I don't think)

    So, estimate from where the sticker was found to where the skull was found is 30 feet? Yes.

    Please mark on States 79 where sticker was found.

    No further questions by JB.

    No cross by LDB.

    Witness excused.

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