Risque bedroom products had organizers blushing at Saturday's Friends of Spring Hill Library flea market — which was held at a local church. Among the dozens of booths set up on the lawn of Spring Hill Presbyterian Church was one vendor promoting personal pleasure toys and intimate products for women and couples. Most of the items are sold at Tupperware-like home parties and were not on display.

''I cannot believe it,'' said organizer Effie Heiss, who didn't learn of the booth until after the vendor had packed up and left for the day. ''I didn't get a chance to see it, but I don't know if I'd have known what it was if I had seen it.''

The booth, set up a stone's throw from the church doors, boasted ''toys for you,'' including lotions and a vibrating bath sponge.

''We did absolutely nothing offensive,'' said Passions & Pleasures President Katherine Williams, who manned the booth for independent contractor Janell Hightree, who was out of town. ''No clothes came off and we didn't talk inappropriately or offensively.

''We sold a few items, but nothing that would be considered pornographic,'' Williams said. ''The most questionable item we sold was a vibrating bath sponge that looks like a rubber ducky. It's the cutest thing.''

People who stopped by the Spring Hill-based business' booth were invited to sign up for a free gift basket of products and also were asked if they would like to host a Passions & Pleasures home party, where the adult novelties and lotions are sold, Williams said.

In the seven hours they manned their booth, they received only two negative comments, she said.

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