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    Experts Know what Made McDonald's Customers Sick

    The test results are in. Health investigators say they know what caused 121 people to get violently ill after eating at a Piqua McDonald's. It all started when the shake machine suffered some sort of mechanical malfunction. Thursday health department officials said that malfunction seems to have provided the ideal environment for an organism called staphylococcus to grow. That organism in the shakes and ice cream made 121 customers very sick.

    Once officials at the Piqua McDonald's realized there was a problem, they replaced the contaminated machine with a new one.

    Still, some of the customers who got sick decided to file a lawsuit. Patrick Johnson said,

    "When you're constantly puking up blood and it's coming out both ends and it drag on for four days and your headache constantly hurts, that's a constant reminder of the three dollar milk shake you just had."

    Stacy Hinkle says the people who filed the class action lawsuit are out for money.

    She says she and her daughter would eat there again, and she'd even order a shake.

    Hinkle said, "I feel that it is just a little mistake and I'm sure it will never happen again."


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    What a scary story, but I am sick to death of people suing over everything. She feels like it was a little mistake, but she's still suing? I love the fact that she says she will still eat there (she won't have a shake though). Wonder how she will feel when every restaurant in her town closes because they can't afford their insurance. Or if she is in need of care at a hopsital, but there aren't any doctors because they can't afford insurance because of all the lawsuits. Lord, when will the insanity end?

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    There's no place like home! And home cooked food! Where you KNOW it's clean!

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