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    FL - Jean Neal, 79, shot to death with crossbow, Palm City, 10 Oct 2004

    A man was charged with murder after fatally shooting his elderly mother with a crossbow, officials said.

    Bruce Charles Neal, 42, had been fighting with his mother, 79-year-old Jean Neal, over her will, officials said.

    After taking a bike ride to cool down, he took a crossbow from the trunk of his car and shot a phonebook "so he could impress his mother with the power of the cross bow," according to a report by Martin County sheriff's officials. He said when she wasn't impressed, he shot her in the chest, the report said.

    Bruce Neal told authorities his mother walked into the kitchen before falling. He pulled out the arrow before calling 911, telling a dispatcher "it wasn't an accident," and that he was bipolar, according to the Stuart News. Officials found Jean Neal on the floor of the kitchen and a bloody arrow on the kitchen counter, according to a police report.
    Bruce Neal was handcuffed at the house, but he "began to cry again and asked me if his mother was dead," wrote Detective Rebecca S. Bagley in a report.


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    From October 2004:


    Accused crossbow killer Bruce Charles Neal thought he would be cut out of his father's estate. A trustee had been appointed to administer his inheritance, while his two brothers had control of their own shares of an estate worth more than $100,000 and a Florida home. His mother, Jean Neal, 79, had sided with her other children.

    On Sunday, about 6:42 p.m., Bruce Neal, 42, ended the family dispute by firing a crossbow bolt through his mother's chest in the waterfront home they shared on a small Palm City cove...

    Although few in this neighborhood foresaw such a horrific outcome, public records show Bruce Neal's life had been filled with disturbing signs, following him from the family's former home in New Jersey to the Sunshine State.
    From January 2006:


    A judge has sentenced a man to life in prison for fatally shooting his elderly mother with a crossbow...

    The judge said he would recommend that Neal be transferred to a prison that would help treat his bipolar condition.

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