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    Google is Blocking Charley Project Search Results

    Dear WS,

    Has anyone done any searches on Charlie Project since yesterday? (June 15, 2011) Whenever I do, I get this message from Google:

    "Google Sorry...

    We're sorry...
    ... but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now.

    See Google Help for more information."

    2009 Google - Google Home


    Full updates and virus scans, along with Malware Bytes anti-malware turned up nothing. Other Google Searches work fine. Additionally, if I do a regular Google Search and the Search Directory results show the information IS from Charley Project, I can get to Charley Project. I just cannot get search results when I go to Charley Project directly. I think this happened once before with me about three years ago.

    Seems to be a Google problem.


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    I get results from Google for both "Charley Project" (first link is to the web site) and "Charlie Project" (some kind of religious thing.) No message from Google.

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    Quote Originally Posted by STEADFAST View Post
    I get results from Google for both "Charley Project" (first link is to the web site) and "Charlie Project" (some kind of religious thing.) No message from Google.
    What is happening with me is, if I go to Charley Project's site:


    And do a search for any people in the search box at Charley Project, I get the message I talked about above in my OP.


    PS. But let's say that I just go to plain old Google.com and do a search on Google.com's home page for a missing person. If I get any results summary from Charley Project from the Google.com search, than I can go to Charley Project to see the missing people.

    I only get the blocked results page specifically when I search the database AT http://www.charleyproject.org/

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    Ok, I tried it and got the same error message.

    What's happening is that your search word goes from your computer to charleyproject.org, and then they send it to Google. But Google has received too many requests from charleyproject.org, and Google doesn't like that, so they just send the error message back to you.

    The workaround is to go straight to Google, and type in:

    site:charleyproject.org [then whatever word you want to search for]

    That way, the request is coming straight from your computer, and it will work ok.

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    I got the same message searching google from the Charley Project site. If I use regular google it works fine.

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