A German laundry worker found £15,000 pounds in a jacket pocket - and handed it all back.

Susanne Foltin, from Berlin's Tempelhof district, says she often finds small change in people's pockets when they hand their clothes in to be cleaned - but said she couldn't believe her eyes when she pulled out a wad of euro notes worth £15,000.

"All of a sudden I was holding thousands in my hands. I've heard of money laundering, but this was unbelievable," said Foltin who works in the Top Clean launderette.

She returned the money to its worried owner when he returned to the shop the next day and asked if his jacket had been cleaned.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, told the BZ newspaper: "I work in the import and export business and quite often carry thousands of euros around with me, but I've never left it in the cleaner's before.