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    Story about April Whalen's situation:


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    Quote Originally Posted by mydailyopinions View Post
    What horror! I'm so tired of Baez's crap, and super tired of people killing children...
    This breaking in my hometown right now

    Do people not know that there are legal ways to avoid having custody/being the guardian of a child?
    now an official Penn State alum!

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    I came across this article, and thought I'd share for those interested... Sorry if it's already been posted.


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    Google "April Whalen Mugshot" and you find some things, including HER BIRTH DATE.

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    As a classic sociopth, ICA does not own an independent thought. Everything that filters through are ideas, concepts and words of other people. She later adopts, adjusts and integrates them into her personality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TUSK View Post
    i'll give kc credit for one thing, a stone cold poker face.
    when ldb spoke about using the cd to rebut kc's possible
    testimony, she didn't bat an eyelash,or twitch a muscle.
    I think she wasn't even listening.

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    I'm eating a turkey BTL for lunch, JB is having crow...Absolutely!
    Judgment is not about destruction, but about setting things right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LambChop View Post
    The prisoners talk through the vents and even though AW may have been telling a prisoner other than KC, KC may have overheard the whole conversation. I believe LE is still investigating this story. If KC tries to use this defense.......they will have the best rebuttal witness ever if it is true proving KC is a liar and probably has lied about her father and brother, too.

    Will not sit well with the jury. When you tell one lie you might get away with it. When to tell the second lie to support the first and go on and on and on it WILL come back to bite you big time. Apparently this may be what is happening. jmo
    Anyone else remember Baez whining during several spring status hearings that the State kept giving him discovery.

    To which LDB replied, that if Jose was asking "Will the State CONTINUE to keep doing it's job throughout the trial, the answer is YES.".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Dan View Post
    Same here!

    She can think all she wants but the state is gonna laugh it's butt off unless the plea deal is for LWOP.

    Ok, when JB was complaining about the hard drive IIRC he said something to the effect of;

    We thought that since you had instructed us to put all of the information witness' would be testifying to in their reports we didn't look at everything.

    If he did in fact say the bolded part he's admitting he knew that the witness' were supposed to include everything in their reports and therefore has proven his "mistakes" were intentional. JMO

    If someone knows where to find the mornings transcript I'd appreciate a link to get the wording exactly right. TIA

    BBM...you're exactly right! I caught this too...selective memory??? LOL

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    What the what? *Scraping my jaw up off the floor* The only part of the trial I wasn't able to watch and all this happens?? Grrr...
    Disclaimer:My posts are my opinion only, unless otherwise stated, and I reserve the right to change said given opinion at any point in time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waltzingmatilda View Post
    I wonder how ICA found out about AW's child drowning if she is in solitary? Isn't she supposed to be in solitary?


    There are other prisoners in her section, they are allowed out and a deputy let others communicate with her through the slot in her door. This came out during hearings. IIRC one was even in her cell doing her hair on one occasion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MEM2010 View Post
    So in another chat thread I'm in some select people feel the judge is being biased, in favor of the state.

    your thoughts?

    I actually feel he is being pretty fair but I am not well versed in the law.
    I think he's going very far out of his way to not point out all the DT shortcomings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GiantPickle View Post
    I don't quite understand why April is of any importance if she didn't talk to ICA....the dead child story is a coincidence I dont put much weight on.
    Her cell was next to ICA's and ICA would be able to overhear her conversations about what happened to her child.
    The SA is still investigating ,but right now is not going to use it.
    That is some coincidence !
    Always ,just my opinion

    We never saw it coming .Please talk to your teen even if you don't think you need to !
    Far more teens commit impulsive suicide without chronic depression
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    Quote Originally Posted by katydid23 View Post
    So, just to clarify. The DT had the Anthony's hard drive in their custody. And the DT set out a theory in their OS that there was a huge tragedy in the Anthony home on the morning or-afternoon-no morning of June 16th. Right?

    So just now Baez was upset because the state never warned him to look at the computer usage for June 16th? He said the disc was too huge, so basically they looked at none of it. Is that what he is saying?
    What he is saying, which is what he has done through the whole case, is that the state has to lay everything out for him and do all the investigating and piecing together and all the leg work, and Baez will then take all that compiled knowledge so he does not have to do any work at all. This is Baez all over and he has done it since day one from the very first hearings in this case.....it is sweet sweet justice!

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    6 hour time change here so just getting up...Heard on In Session a witness stated she thought Caylee had just been in the woods 2 weeks? How does she explain the plants growing up and around the skeleton?

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