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    Ryan Dunn of Jackass Movies Has Died

    He was in a car accident early Monday morning.
    I'm not a fan of the Jackass movies but it's very sad. Sounds as though he may have been drinking beforehand, so I'm wondering if alcohol was a factor.


    GRRRRR.... I meant "Ryan Dunn OF Jackass".... I wish I could edit the title!
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    Justice for Travis

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    I wonder if this is the guy that lit off fireworks in his parents bedroom as they were sleeping.Does anyone know?

    I only saw the first movie.

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    I haven't seen the movies but he was recently on Minute To Win It with Steve O playing for charity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LunaticFringe View Post
    I wonder if this is the guy that lit off fireworks in his parents bedroom as they were sleeping.Does anyone know?

    I only saw the first movie.
    I think it was Bam M. that did the fireworks thing.
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    Oh this is sad.

    RIP Ryan.

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    Very sad! At 3:00 a.m. he posted pics of him and two friends drinking so I'm sure alcohol was involved..Ryan was the "jackass" that put the hot wheel in his rectum and then went to the Doc and had it xrayed.. (sorry about the graphics) in the first Movie!

    RIP Ryan!
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    So sad! RIP Dude!

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    His blood alcohol level was double the legal limit and he killed his passenger, Zachary Hartwell, as well...


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    He may have been a little crazy but he was a really nice guy. When are these people with money going to learn to hire a car when they are drinking?
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    rip ryan dunn and zachary (passenger) sad deal

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