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    The death of a hospital: an evening of heroes

    Per se, this isn't "Up to the Minute": the article appeared in Sunday's Kansas City Star, one month after the events described. But good writing - and this is very good writing - is always up to the minute, capturing clearly, forever, particular moments in time. Don't miss this if you love good journalism.

    Condition Gray: Inside the hospital as the Joplin tornado hit
    Looking back, they remember the quiet — like a last, deep breath before death.

    In the nursery of St. John’s Regional Medical Center, newborns napped in bassinets. Ventilators hummed in an intensive-care unit.
    Then, in the west, the air began to spin.
    Long feature article at link above; have kleenex handy, it's wrought with emotion.

    President Obama, in his speech at Joplin, said, "There are heroes all around us all the time." We meet them in this story.

    We are there.

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    Amazing piece of journalism. The unsung heroes and yes, it is a tearjerker
    England's dancing days are done...

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    Quote Originally Posted by badhorsie View Post
    Amazing piece of journalism. The unsung heroes and yes, it is a tearjerker
    First time I read it, I was dry-eyed till the ER nurse saw the doe trembling by the wrecked helicopter. That was such a powerful, juxtaposed image that I read the rest in tears.

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