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    It's become one of the longest-running mysteries in West Michigan. What happened to Deanie Peters - the Cascade teenager who disappeared without a trace.

    The case surrounding her disappearance has entered its 36th year.


    WZZM traveled to Prescott, Arizona in December 2012, and had a chance to interview Deanie's mother, Mary, and step-father, John Peters.

    "The only thing I can say is, if you know anything, please come forward and let us know because we'd like to bury our daughter, know where she is and know what happened to her," said Mary Peters in 2012. "I don't know what else to say, just that I wish that they would come forward because somebody knows something."

    For the past five years, WZZM has been steadfastly committed to the Deanie Peters' case, with the creation of the Deanie Peters: WZZM 13 Investigates Facebook page.

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    Deanie turned 50 this month.
    Host of the Already Gone Podcast.

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    Bumping for Deanie. She has been missing for almost 36 years.....

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    Private investigator uses P.O. Box to try to solve 1981 Deanie Peters case


    Vic Weeks has experience in law enforcement with the Lowell Police Department and the Kent County Sheriff's Department. Now, working as a private investigator, he placed an ad in the Lowell Buyer's Guide find 14-year-old Deanie Peters' body.

    "The parents are old now, have been suffering all of this agony of not knowing where their daughter was," Weeks said. "It won't be much longer until we're all gone and nobody will be interested anymore."

    So, Weeks opened a P.O. Box.

    "Post Office Box 4, Lowell, Michigan 49331 for anybody that may know the exact location of her remains, to send a letter or diagram," Weeks said.

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    Not sure how long these bones went undiscovered but Grand Rapids, Michigan is not very far from Chicago, Illinois and the height and estimated age of victim could be a match for Deanie.

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