A Cook County judge who twice used the "F" word in court last week will be removed from the bench -- at least for now -- and has agreed to take anger management counseling.

Announcing his decision to pull Judge Stanley J. Sacks from hearing cases, Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans called the judge's profanity-laced outburst "an egregious lapse of decorum and dignity."

"In reading the court transcript, I was exceedingly troubled by Judge Sacks' lack of respect for the high office which he holds and for those individuals present for the proceedings," Evans said in a written statement. "Judges, in their courtrooms, must lead by example, holding themselves to the same high standards of conduct they would demand of those appearing before them."

Widely viewed as one of the hardest-working and fair, though somewhat crusty, judges at the 26th and California courthouse, Sacks didn't look like he would put up a fight Thursday.