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    Linda Tinelli

    LDB - The duct tape discussed can't be further identified and therefore of no value. If Ms. Tinnelli could identify a specific brand relative to this timeframe, then it would be okay.

    HHJB- But she can say duct tape.

    LDB - It can't be tied in to a relevant timeframe.

    HHJBP - isn't she going to say it was at a volunteer tent?

    CM - yes.

    HHJBP - He used a gun analogy relative to the state's argument.

    HHJBP - this is admissible.

    Jury returning (4:05)


    She knows the A's. She met them after Caylee went missing when she offered her help as a volunteer. She coordinated the table where they gave out T-shirts. She worked with GA from the end of July to December 8.

    There was duct tape at the table. It was used to hold down the plastic table cloths and they put posters up with it.

    No further questions by CM.

    The wind was blowing the table cloths and they would tape them underneath.

    No further questions and no cross exam.

    Witness excused at 4:10

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    Linda Tennalli- command center volunteer coordinate table with tee shirts, pins and bracelets w/GA...towards end of July til Dec 8th....during that time did you observe GA having duct tape? there was ducttape a the table - tape tablecloths on and put missing children flyers up with duct tape...

    CM - only question I had - thank you
    CM -did you recall the tablecloths were blowing off- we would tape them on

    witness excused

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