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    Golf Ball Fishing in America

    Water moccasins can be tricky.

    Shards of glass may pierce his waders.

    Stones are murder on the knees.

    And it's no picnic diving through inky, chemical-clouded water with people taking aim at you. But that's not the worst part of the job. "It's the turtles -- they'll take your finger right off," says Michael Aux Tinee, Golf Ball Diver.

    Clad in waist-high waders, a 70-pound feedbag girdling his waist and his ball-retrieving invention, "Mr. Lucky," in hand, Aux Tinee wastes little time before plunging into one of the many amoeba-shape ponds that dot this Illinois course. "I can't tell you all the golf courses I hunt," Aux Tinee says in a conspiratorial whisper. "I don't tell nobody. There's a lot of freelancers.


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    wow cass! another unsung american hero. amusingly written...

    reminds me in a wierd way of the guy who cleaned up the carnage at accidents.

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