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    Defense CIC vs OS Scorecard **LIST ONLY-NO DISCUSSION**

    A family is dysfunctional steeped in lies and secrets - A+

    RK is morally bankrupt person who acquired, stored and placed body - F

    Caylee accidentally died in pool, discovered by GA - F

    GA & LA sexually molested ICA - F

    PS Questions for Mr Grund: Did ICA ever tell you she didn't want Caylee to be around GA because he was an incestuous pedophile? Why did your Father say ICA is a diabolical liar?

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    The Anthony's lie and are a dysfunctional family but I wonder how much of the lies and dysfunctionality where brought on by Casey murdering her daughter and by Casey accusing the police of trying to frame her. Remember, they're a hand, sticking together. I think they've been lying to themselves, the police and the public for so long, trying to protect Casey, trying to find "Zenaida", anything to prove that their child couldn't have committed this horrendous crime that now it's impossible for them to come across as believable.

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