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    JB calls Brandon Sparks...employed US coast guard...5 yrs....drug intervention migrant intervention and search and rescue...go out to sea for 3-4 months @ time...RK is my bio father...how long estranged from bioDAd...yes since 8 yrs old...around summer or year of 2008....I believe sometime in June...thru his parents encouraged us to reunite...they assured me he had been rehabilitated.....object-sustain...I reside in Seattle WA...in 2008 stationed in Virginia Beach....contact with Father..mainly cellular phone....months of July to Dec 2008...conversation with Father about this...no sir- he would mention what going on...(object...) did you Father state to you he knew something about this case...yes sir but @ the time I didn't know it was about this case....in Nov. 2008 he told me he knew where the remains were....he told me but he never said a name....but in Dec 11th he called and told me he found the remains..I asked why he didnt mention this to LE before and he avoid topic...did he make other statements about this case? no sir...what telephone number? given...jb looks for some evidence...confers with LDB...wants to enter exhibit#....no object...stipulation between State of fl and defendant...true records and accurate for cell records from 6/1/08 thru 12/30/08....receive in evidence phone records....did Father ever mention he found caylee skull? how know it was November....i told my wife and mother around thanksgiving.....i had to reside @ my unit unfortunately....no ill will toward father now or at that time....
    Cross- LDB confers w/JA, & Mr. george....
    LDB - Mr. Sparks....followed footsteps of both Father and Grandfather in coastguard...in 2008 living in Virginia Beach...not until 10/2009 signed a statement for defense regarding whatever happened...refer to telephone call from Father we talked of today...hands him papers...defense #71 in evidence ....look @ those ...Identify phone calls made between you and your Father RK during period of time during July and Dec 2008....highlighted ...phone number for RK starts 321 ...programmed into phone...had 757 programmed into phone....re-instigated contact with Father in nov 2008 didn't tell your Mother..l.no didn't....kept that from Mom from time you initiated contact? yes mam...tell me which one on there referred to in direct testimony as having received in 2008....can't tell you...didn't remember it was Nov 2008 until reminded of that fact by Mom and Wife - nothing you had recollection of you had to be reminded....until Dec. 11th...in Oct 2009 signed a statement typed by somebody else...what statement? may I approach? yes mam....didn't prepare statement but signed it...that is when you said this conversation one of many occurred before Thanksgiving ...object overrule - the conversation about the skull was Dec 11th? no mam....on Dec 11th told me he urinated in the ditch and found remains of little girl....don't remember when exact he told you he saw remains...that is when you were talking with wife and Mother is when you remembered talking to you Father...he told going on tv...didn't appear on tv on 12/19/08...he wanted to keep certain amount of annonimity (keep identity secret)...
    JB - were you questionedby LE in 12/2009? ....he worked for defense...after making statement has LE ever contacted you? no sir...never talked to YM? no sir...don't know who he is....didn't know anything about this case before Dec 2008....(object-goes to lack of bias) I didn't know the case until 12/11 ...how many calls with you have with your father in 2008? from June until 2009 it was 3-4 a week...at the time..he has always had imagination of saying far fetched things....object-sustain
    on 12/11 your father called..realized significance of what he told you in Nov? yes sir

    LDB - did your Father tell you he had taken skull had in his home/car/or anywhere in 2008...he didn't tell he had taken the skull ...no he didn't ...he found the skull...contacted LE, media blitz he was going to be on tv, hadn't seen him since 8 yrs old and you should look for him...

    JB father told you he was going to be rich and famous...yes sir he did.
    witness excused

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    Brandon Sparks



    Active Duty, U.S. Coast Guard for five years. He is in Drug intervention and search and rescue. He is out to sea for 3-4 months at a time.

    In the summer to end of 2008 he had contact with his father, RK.

    He lives in Seattle Washington.

    In 2008 he was in Virginia Beach.

    The contact with his father was mainly by cell phone.

    His father would talk about the case.


    His father told him something about this case.

    What did he tell you? He told me he knew where the remains were.

    When? This was in November of 2008. It was the time before 12/11.

    On 12/11 he called and told him that it was him who found the body. He then asked RK why he hadn,t told someone before?


    He would avoid the question.

    Did he make any other statements about this case? No, Sir.

    What was your number at the time? 609-972-5483.

    HHJBP read a stipulation regarding BP's phone records. They were marked as Exhibit 71.

    Did your father ever mention that he had found Caylee's skull? Yes, sir.

    Was it prior to December 11? Yes.

    He knew it was prior to Thanksgiving. He had told his wife and mother also.

    He holds no ill will toward his father. He did not at that time.

    No further questions.


    He followed the footsteps of both his mother and father by going into the Coast Guard.

    On 10/5/09 he signed a statement regarding his knowledge in this case.

    He agreed that he refers to the phone call in that statement.

    He was then shown the phone records and asked to identify the calls made to his father. He agreed the calls are high-lighted. His father's number starts with 321. He did not believe that one was programmed into his phone. The 751 number was.

    When he re-instituted contact with his father in 2008 - he did not tell his mother after he initiated the contact.

    Which phone call was it in November? He did not know which phone call it was.

    You did not remember it was in November of 2008 until you were reminded of that fact by your mother and wife? Yes, Mam.

    That was not something you had an independent knowledge? Not until the December 11 call.

    He knew the call happened, but he didn't believe it at the time.

    He didn't prepare the statement, he just signed it in 2009. That was when he recalled the conversation occurred in November of 2008?


    He remembered on 12/11 that he recalled the November conversation. At the time, he told him that he had urinated in the ditch and found the remains. He cannot say which call it was. He doesn't remember at all.

    After December 11, he realized after talking to his wife and mother that the prior conversation occurred.

    He told him the day of that that he was going to be on TV. Do you realize he did not appear on TV until December 19. Before that he wanted to keep a certain amount of anonymity.


    When you made the statement in 2009, that was when a Defense investigator found you?


    He was questioned by a detective, Mortimer Smith

    Has any law enforcement ever wanted to speak with you?


    He has never spoken to YM. Doesn't even know who that is.

    He knew nothing about this case prior to November of 2008.

    OBJECTION - relevance - OVERRULED

    He knew nothing about the case until 12/11.

    How many calls did you have with your father in 2008? It was almost 3 to 5 calls a week.

    His father has always said far fetched things.

    OBJECTION - relevance - SUSTAINED

    On 12/11 when your father called you, is that when you realized the significance of what his father said in November? Yes sir.


    Did your father tell you that he had taken the skull and put it anywhere in November of 2008. He did not tell him he had taken it from the scene. He told him that he had located the skull, contacted LE, there was a media blitz, that he was going to be on TV, that he had not seen him since he was 8 and he should look for him.


    Your father told you he was going to be rich and famous?


    Yes sir he did.

    Witness was excused at 2:44

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