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    Angry Infant Duct Tape Murder

    I was researching mothers who kill their children last night and came across the case of Kenisha Berry. Ms. Berry was convicted of murdering her four-day old infant son by duct taping his mouth and arms.!!! He was then placed in a black plastic bag and tossed in the garbage dump

    His murder remain unsolved for five years until Ms. Berry's infant daughter was found abandoned in a ditch. She was covered in over a hundred fire ant bites and DID survive. She was sentenced to death but in 2007, a TX court over-turned the sentence. She is now serving LWOP.

    I am not trying to imply Casey got the idea from this case, I was just floored by the parallels.



    (If this isn't warranted of a new thread, pls remove, I'ma still learnin'!)
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    That is so sickening.
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