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    Hearts For Caylee Tribute.

    I saw this event on Facebook and am choked up over it. Thought I would post it here and see if you all would want to join in on it on your own. I think this is a great tribute for her. <3

    (Mods I had linked to the source but then took it out. If it is OK to link to the FB Event let me know. I just added the details of maybe that will just be OK. Really a link might not be needed since if people want to join they can do it too.)

    PLEASE READ!!! Caylee Marie Anthony (August 9, 2005 – c. June 16, 2008) was an American child who disappeared in June 2008, attracting national attention. Her body was discovered five months later. Her mother, Casey Anthony, was indicted on October 14, 2008, and was in county jail when jury selection for her trial began May 9, 2011. Casey maintains she did not harm her daughter and that she is innocent of all charges. By the time this event is airing the trial will be over with. We will know if the court has judged Casey, the child's mother guilty or innocent, guilty or innocent this poor child was still cruelly murdered, at a very young age. A heart sticker, was found on this lil girls body....this event was made to start a tribute too this lil girl. On Augest 9 2011, please, wear a heart sticker, on ur cheek, forehead, hand, somewhere easily visable as a tribute too lil Caylee. Augest 9th 2011 she would have turned 6. She went missing when she was 3. If you would like more infomation, please look at the following link's.

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    Just bringing this up for those who missed it. <3

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    I did a quick search & couldn't find the event on Facebook, could you PM it to me if you aren't able to add it to the first post? Thanks!
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    Just bringing this back up since the event is on Tuesday at 1:00.

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    I found it. It's under Heart's for Caylee on FB.

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    I don't like this at all. And the comments on that FB page were very weird. Why would we celebrate Caylee in a way her Mother degraded her??? A heart is probably the last thing that baby wants us to wear !! MOO

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    I'm with you GiantPickle. I don't like this idea at all. I will wear purple on her bday and release 6 purple balloons but I will not put a heart sticker on my body like Caylee had put on her mouth in death. IMO, its kinda sick.


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