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    Another puzzler for our talented attorneys:

    LE in this case has not interviewed the husband, MP, who retained a criminal defense attorney, and they have not interviewed the children, (ages 12 and 7, I think).

    The last confirmed sighting of Gail is believed to be when she left her children at her residence and left in her Jeep. This information is from the husband who claims he arrived home ten minutes or so after she left and the children were left home alone. It does seem to be corroborated by a neighbor who saw her pulling out of the driveway.

    The neighbor didn't actually speak to Gail, just saw her pulling away. The children had just spent several hours driving home from a trip with their mother and so potentially would know her state of mind, who if anyone she interacted with that day, etc.

    Some of us on the thread feel that the reason the children have not been interviewed is that the father (or his attorney) has not allowed it. Others on the thread think the police don't feel the need to interview the children, or that it's enough for their purposes to rely on what the father said the children said.

    What would be the normal way to proceed in a case like this where children this age are involved? Would LE ask to interview the children? Would there be a strategic reason to not ask to interview the children?

    The father has not been named as a suspect if that helps.

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    Hi AZ! Question -

    Let's say Matt filed for divorce today, and the hearing came along, and Gail's missing person investigation is in the same status as it is right now, what does the judge do? Does he appoint an attorney to represent her? Would it be a PD?

    How about somebody hiring an attorney to act on her behalf, while Matt is her next of kin? Can someone who is not her next of kin hire an attorney to act on her behalf?

    Wouldn't it be a conflict of interest if Matt, as her next of kin, hired an attorney for her, in a divorce case?


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