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    Three years from now, Where do you think the Key Players will be?

    I am Not including Casey in this because I feel she's had enough face/air time.

    But all the other key players, I was wondering where everyone thinks those people will be in their life three years from now?

    Will we still be hearing the names of the key players for this case?
    Will one or some of them make something of themselves in part to their notoriety from this case (Kato Kaelin)?

    Which key players in this case do you think will 'Rise to the top' in a positive light?
    Who do you feel we will hear about sporadically, as they make bad decisions and end up being in the media for their bad-doings?

    What prompted this question:
    Last night my husband brought up Marcia Clark of the OJ Trial.
    He said she had become a TH about this case for several of the TV stations.
    But for a long time, she had disappeared.
    Same with Judge Ito...... he seemed to do a slink into obscurity.
    Some of the witnesses for OJ's murder trial retired shortly after that trial.
    GenaBena, my only sibling,
    In the time line of life, it wasn't supposed to happen this way.
    We were supposed to grow old together.
    Sleep Peacefully, Li'l Sis
    October 16, 2011



    That annoying time between naps.

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    Doing a reality show.

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    That depends on wheter ICA is behind bars or not!
    ~ my opinion only

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