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    Dr. Goldberger....MS & PhD in forensic toxicology....for the purpose of the law....medical and legal toxicology workup....presence of volitle compounds...work 3000 cases per year...volitle compounds...routinely contacted to anaylze ....remains of child later id'd as Caylee....samples from remains taken...working with Dr. Garavalia day went to ME office in orlando...small piece of femur and marrow from femur...saline washes from cranium...strands of hair, matted hair....(object- sidebar)

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    JA continues w/Dr. Goldberger....cranial washes - how done...detect volital substances....one is GCMS....how collect wash from the skull....sealed sutures of the skull with wax and added 30 mls of saline shook cranium and did that 2 times and collected 2 tubes....find anything residue decomp of the brain in the skull cavity itself....nothing..

    Cross- exam
    JB - clarify ...collected something from the femur...objection ...this is what he previously testified to....
    HHBP if opened the door ...he may testify to it...

    JB may we approach? yes

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    Bruce Goldberger


    He is professor and director of toxicology at University of Florida.

    BA in zoology and MS and phD in forensic toxicology. The majority of his work is medical-legal.

    He tests bodily fluids for the presence of volatile substances.

    He was contacted by Dr. G in 2008 in reference to Caylee's remains. He came to Orlando and took samples which included a small piece of the left femur, some marrow of the left femur, they prepared two saline washes from the cranial cavity, hair samples, hair mat samples...


    SIDEBAR - 2:54-2:55

    strands of hair, some matted hair and soil from the matted hair.

    The cranial washes - in the autopsy room, they sealed the sutures of the cranium with a waxy material then added 30 ml of saline to the cranium then they poured the saline into tubes. They did this twice.

    After analysis - they did not find that any of the residue was decomposition product.


    Did you say you collected something from the femur?



    SIDEBAR (2:58-3:00)

    He collected bone marrow.

    When he did the saline wash, was it a crude type method? It is a technique he has used a number of times. It's crude, but it is what it is. It is the best way he could do it without opening the skull.

    Products of decomp - a number of chemicals. They were not tested for DNA. The chemicals they look for don't have DNA - low molecular weight compounds.

    He is not a DNA analyst. He did not send the samples for DNA?


    He returned the samples to the ME in Orlando.

    Witness excused.

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    JB w/Goldberger - collected saline wash....done numerous times...crude but it is what it is...best way I could without damaging structure of the cranium without opening the items....chemicals look for don't have dna....low molecular weight compounds....different than dna...didn't send for any further dna testing...object sustained..

    JB - may I approach NO

    send them further testing? no left that for ME office in Orlando....

    witness excused

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