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    Quote Originally Posted by logicalgirl View Post
    MaryAnn - I thought FCA went on the Piers Morgan show to tell the world she wasn't fat...

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    Quote Originally Posted by legalmania View Post
    Well I read Heather Seubert testimony and she worked for the forensic DNA analysis at the FBI unit, when she examined evidence in the case she testified that DNA on the duct tape at the crime scene did not match Caylee or her mother (Casey) or grandparents George and Cindy. I have read many experts opinions and they all say the same thing.

    What about all the DNA in the trunk from Caylees remains that she allegedly drove around with for a day or two?There should have been plenty of body fluids. That wasn't under water, that somehow came out negative also? The facts just aren't there.
    DNA's worst enemy is heat & water. The trunk sat in extreme heat for well over a month & the body was underwater & in the heat at the hottest time of the year. The only DNA that was found was from a lab worker. And the only reason it was there is because it was contaminated AFTER being exposed to water & heat.
    KC got lucky because she bought herself alot of time.
    She also was lucky enough to get 12 jurors who couldn't add. Had they went through the evidence & understood it I don't believe she would be free today.
    Back on topic - yes I think Cin should be charged - many, many times over.

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    Cindy should be prosecuted imo but she won't be...She'll continue to live the miserable life she has thinking that she's in control and that she knows what she's doing and that will be that. She's a narcissist. It won't matter what happens to her - everyone else will be wrong. They (narcissists) know how to survive and nothing bothers them...After all, everyone else is wrong!

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