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    This John Doe has been ruled out against Edward Amabile.

    Quote Originally Posted by ilovemew View Post
    I am new at this and was debating whether or not to post but I figured if there's even a 1% chance it is him I better. The missing person's name is Edward James Amabile. He went missing on the way to pick up his daughter on 12-4-2003 in Pennsylvania. Here is the link:

    Here is the link to the UID:
    There is not a lot of info. on here so it's a long shot but the age and height match up and I google mapped the location from where Mr. Amabile was driving and where the UID was found and it's only 24 minutes away.

    Please tell me what you think, there is not a lot to go on I know. I did see that there is a link to the medical examiner but there was a possibility of post-mortem photos. I do not have the stomach for that so I did not click.
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    Quote Originally Posted by not_my_kids View Post
    Namus ID 454 or Doe file 174umco
    17-30 year old white male found 7-12-1997 in Larimer Co. CO
    Ruled out: Burt Dollar
    Patrick Beavers
    Dean Bechtold
    Ronald Cole
    James Cooper
    Burt Dollar
    Peter McColl
    Joe Rodriguez
    (Ronald Frye)

    1 not listed on there that I received a reply back for from chief deputy coroner awhile back is
    Ronald Frye

    From Email
    "We have finally been able to (unfortunately) rule out Mr. Ronald Frye
    from Washington state as being our John Doe. Although Mr. Frye had a
    similar tattoo, it was located on his arm, not his thumb."

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    UID Female 94UFTN
    Anita Renee Davis

    UID Female 592
    Sarah Lepkofker

    UID Female 148 UFAL
    Kristina Bishop

    UID Female 72UFTX
    Barbara Louise Cotton

    UID Female 20UFNJ
    Charlotte Loomis

    UID Female 58UFNV
    Evelyn Davis
    Deborah Meyer

    UID WF - NAMUS 1405, Doe Network 483UFTX
    Amber Cates
    Tammie McCormick
    Donna Riggsby

    UID 83UFTX
    Debbie Oberg
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    BP John Doe Case Update: Erik Patchin ruled out

    To all who have followed my case:

    I want to thank all those who helped me in the case on the BP John Doe in Lake City, FL. However, I was updated this afternoon that the John Doe in question and the missing person in question Erik Sol Patchin, do not match. The time frame was pretty accurate, but after bout 4 months of my investigation into the two links, the investigation conducted by the CCSO, Leon County Sheriffs Office and FDLE failed to recognize such a link. However, I am not going to give up so easily....I am asking and making a call out to all the sleuths to look into any missing person cases anywhere between May and June 1994 involving a male youth. This goes out as a APB for all states in the country. Thanks.


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    There is a thread for rule outs here:

    Unidentified Victims Rule Outs -MERGED- - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    I asked the mods to move this to the thread for rule outs.
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