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    To the jury

    I don't know if, after the trial is over, whether any jurors might browse the internet to see what the world thought of their verdict. In case any of them happen upon WS:

    Thank you for allowing your lives to be disrupted in order to seek justice for a beautiful little girl by the name of Caylee Marie. Your willingness to put your lives on hold for so long should stand as a lesson to all of us on what our duties as US citizens are.

    At this time you have not made your decision, but I want to say thank you now. whatever your verdict is, I know it was not rendered without a great deal of thought and soul searching.

    You and your families made a sacrifice that is not often called for. Your families deserve thanks for making it possible for you to serve on this jury.

    Here in WS we talk about who we think are the heroes in this case. I believe you are all heroes too, no matter what verdict you render.

    Thank you.
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    I second the original post, am appreciative and mindful of the tremendous task before you and pray that you will make your decision based on the evidence and common sense.
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    Bless you all!!!

    THANK YOU for your service!

    Caylee Marie thanks you. We have faith that you will make the right decision. Godspeed as you deliberate.

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