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    Worst product advertising placement EVER

    1) Chevy Volt - I have been appalled over the last week when I had heard the Chevy Volt ads over and over on HLN that include the song, "You are my sunshine" and show video of a family with a child growing up. I know it's not intentional, but it's a horrible coincidence.

    2) Heft Trash bag commercials - same as above

    3) New one today - can't remember the company - the portable dumpster commercials for what looks like a big tote bag made of fabric. You fill it up, they come and haul it away.

    I know how cable advertising is bought - the cheapest way is a "run of day" - whatever spots aren't specifically sold at specific times in specific shows. You buy so many spots and they run whenever there is availability.

    This is just very bad timing for these companies.

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    I've been watching the trial live streaming on WFTV.com. I adore their coverage but their online ads for Febreeze are goulish. (CA sprayed Febreeze throughout the Pontiac Sunfire to try and get rid of the odor in the car.)

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    How bout the ads for the printing company that made all of JB's posters! The drop down advertisement for "this company" is written nearly as large as the lettering on the poster. You can't miss it...

    Oh, brother!


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    Had the Chevy Volt commercial not included the song, I think it would rank up there with the best product placement.

    TC, Robin

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