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    2011.07.05 Today's Current News **NO DISCUSSION HERE PLEASE**

    2011.07.05 Today's Current News **NO DISCUSSION HERE PLEASE**

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    Please read before copying & pasting any content from media sources. TIA!

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    Jury Deliberations To Resume In Casey Anthony Trial

    "Snip" Updated: 6:16 am EDT July 5, 2011

    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- The 12 jurors who will make the life or death decision about whether Casey Anthony murdered her daughter Caylee will begin their second day of deliberations on Tuesday.

    Tuesday marks day 47, including jury selection, in Casey's murder trial. She's

    Casey Anthony's trial closed with a strong presentation by prosecutors.

    "There's nothing wrong with Casey that can't be explained with two words: pathological liar,” said prosecutor Linda Burdick.

    Jeff Ashton methodically picked the defense’s arguments apart, telling jurors there was no cover-up, or accidental drowning.

    "People don't make accidents look like murder,” he said.

    They showed Casey as a self-centered woman who murdered Caylee so she could live the life of a party girl.

    Drane-Burdick left jurors with these words ringing in their ears, "Whose life was better? There's your answer." She showed them a picture of Casey in her party dress and her "Bella Vita" tattoo.

    Jurors worked for six hours on July 4, 2011 without returning a verdict.

    If jurors reach a verdict of first-degree murder, they'll have to move directly to the penalty phase, which means more testimony and deliberation over the death penalty.

    UPCOMING: Live Casey Trial @ 8:00am | Live Blog http://www.wftv.com/caseyanthony/index.html

    EVIDENCE ARCHIVE: Casey Anthony Case


    Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/CaseyAnthonyCh9

    On Facebook http://www.facebook.com/CaseyAnthonyTrial

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    Casey Trial: Jury Deliberations Resume
    Anthony Faces Seven Counts

    Live Feed-Blog 8AM: http://www.wesh.com/casey-anthony-ex...teractive.html

    "Snip" POSTED: 6:41 am EDT July 5, 2011

    READ: Jury Instructions http://www.wesh.com/pdf/28440591/detail.html

    The jury was handed the case just after 12 p.m. on Monday after lengthy instructions from Judge Belvin Perry.

    Read more:

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    Jurors to begin second day of deliberation in Casey Anthony trial
    "Snip" By Ashley Hayes, CNN
    July 5, 2011 8:12 a.m. EDT

    During deliberations, Anthony was held in the courthouse building, according to court spokeswoman Karen Levey.

    Prosecutors were close by, and defense attorneys may be in their workroom in the courthouse. The five alternate jurors were taken back to their hotel after being separated from the jury, added Levey.

    Perry told the seven-woman, five-man jury if they decide Anthony is not guilty of first-degree premeditated murder, they can decide whether to convict her of a less serious charge -- second-degree murder, manslaughter or third-degree felony murder. Similarly, they can convict her of child abuse rather than aggravated child abuse.


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    Caylee remembered as Casey awaits fate

    Now that the jury is deliberating the fate of Casey Anthony, people in Central Florida are taking the time to remember her daughter, Caylee. Monday afternoon hundreds of people showed up at the site where Caylee Anthony's body was discovered, the intersection of Suburban Drive and Chickasaw Trail. <snipped>
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    Competition For Casey Trial Tickets Gets Tougher

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    JA to retire

    Jeff Ashton Decides To Retire

    Announcement Follows Casey Anthony Verdict


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    Didn't see a sticky for 7/6 but wanted to make sure this got posted. Mods please move to 7/6 thread when opened. thanks.


    Judge Belvin Perry Jr. refused to release their names, which was highly unusual. Identities of jurors normally are public record after the conclusion of a trial – no matter if it is high profile or not.

    Attorneys representing The Tampa Tribune and four other media organizations filed a motion with the court late last week for access to the names of jurors once the case concluded. The judge has scheduled a hearing Thursday to decide the issue.

    The five alternate jurors were asked if they wanted to be the focus of a post-verdict news conference, and all of them declined as well. Two of them, however – No. 14, Russell Huekler, and No. 16, Dean Edward Eckstadt — did consent to releasing their names.

    The alternates did not participate in the deliberations...



    10News also talked to the mother of Juror #3, Jennifer Ford. Her mother, Lynn Ford, wishes the outcome had been different for Caylee Anthony, "God gives us these children to take care of, and He trusts us to take care of those children. And this mother failed that child regardless of whether it was an accident or anything."

    Still, Russell Hueckler says the lack of believability in George Anthony's testimony left a strong impression on the jury. Hueckler also told 10News the prosecution's failure to answer basic questions about Caylee's death led to the decisive verdict.

    "What came out was that this was a very dysfunctional family, and they did not handle things well at all. Yes, we all believe, and I'm pretty sure I can say this for all 17 [jurors], there was some sort of horrific accident. The family knows a lot more than what came out at the trial," Hueckler believes, "but [the prosecution] didn't prove that there was a murder."


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