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    Post-Verdict: I am sick and heartbroken

    I've always believed in our justice system. This was one of the reasons that I am so proud to be an American.

    Not anymore. I'm just sick over this. This was the most unjust verdict that I've ever heard.

    I've always wanted to serve in a trial and I happen to have just been assigned jury duty on 8/8/11. I am going to send my notification back and will write in that I do not wish to serve on it because I do not believe in the system. Of course, I will show up when I am supposed to but I will maintain my belief that I do not have faith in the system. I am pretty sure they'll excuse me.

    I really am sick about this.

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    I'm absolutely speechless. No justice for this poor little girl... Its hard to look at her picture now.

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    This is proof our system doesn't work. How awful. How sad. And now will begin the triumph of that evil evil defense team. I will watch nothing these people are on. I bet Baez has a profitable interview with Geraldo lined up for Casey to set her up in her new life as a media star. This is so so very wrong.

    All kinds of hugs!


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    I completely agree. My heart actually hurts. I have two daughters whom I would lay down my life to protect, and that's the kind of mother Caylee deserved.

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    I am in shock! Karma will come quickly - who wants a child-killer as a friend, a spouse... a daughter. Life will be hard.

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    I am devastated. I pray that not one person will pay one cent to profit this baby killer. I am so sorry Caylee. You deserved so much better.

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    Jury got it wrong.

    Caylee cannot rest.

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    I want to know why????? Something is very wrong here.

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    I'm sad and angry. Were these jurors following a different trial, listening to different evidence than we were??

    My heart is breaking all over for Caylee.

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    I'm from Pinellas County and I'm sickened, just speechless. HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW?????
    • "Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." Buddha

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    I am beyond words. Our justice system is very broken. I'm completely heartbroken right now for a little girl named Caylee.

    IMO, a cold blooded murderer will be walking free in a couple of days. I think her sentence will be time served and she'll walk free. Unbelievable.

    I will never forget you Caylee. You will be in my thoughts everyday when I look at my own kids.

    "Stop acting like a two-year old".
    Jose Baez to Casey Anthony during jury selection

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    My heart is broken. I have lost all faith in people. No, Caylee will not rest. This murderer will be out with time served, and will now on the nearest pole living the life she wanted without Caylee. OMG I'm sick to my stomach. WTF was wrong with this jury? Duct tape, in a swamp, partying, someone please tell me how this happened

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    I am BEYOND MORTIFIED.....cannot listen to defense gloat.....CM I wanted to strangle...JB I muted him during trial...for sure cannot stomach him now.....

    This will be my last trial I watch....it has been a heartwrentching 3 yrs...I cannot go thru this again

    God,where were you today...poor Caylee deserved SOOOO much better.....my heart is shattered into a million pieces

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    Another OJ moment... can't help feeling that sequestration of Juries leads to them punishing the system.
    Just my opinion...

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    I just don't understand how she was not found guilty at all of anything other than lying to police. I mean doesn't one connect to the other?

    I can't understand how this jury thought she was completely innocent of everything. I can't believe how much my heart hurts right now.

    By this weekend Casey will walk free. She has been in jailf or three years and the judge will take that into account.

    So the body in car not a big deal?
    Poor Caylee thrown int he woods?
    Casey not caring about her child or reporting her missing?

    Did they believe the drowning? they must have, but Kronk and George being involved?

    That is just crazy.

    I am so sorry for Caylee she was really just meaningless in all this, even in death and murder she meant nothing.

    To me at least she was beautiful and deserved justice and someone to watch over her.

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