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    Jurors don't understand what "reasonable doubt" means

    I honestly now believe more then ever that jurors don't understand what "REASONABLE DOUBT" means. If they did they would have
    never come back with a not guilty verdict. What a sad sad day for our
    judicial system. Even Judge Perry was surprised when he read the verdict.
    You could see it in his eyes....they got big. Her life will never be they same
    and she will have a cloud over her for the rest of her existence on this Earth.
    Now it's time for us to all move along and go forward with our lives and pray
    that something like this will never happen again.

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    Bill Handel of KFI Radio in Los Angeles said that juries, having been steeped in shows such as CSI, etc., now expect prosecutors to prove scientifically beyond a shadow of a doubt cause of death, or they won't convict. It's a sad day when people on juries can no longer think. Handel said it's clear now that a mother could kill her child, dispose of the body in a warm place to insure decomposition, then wait a while before reporting her missing. It's almost a guarantee she'll walk away free.

    I am so disgusted right now, I can't say much more or I'll be surely banned.

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    Well, when CM is allowed to stand up and tell them as such...

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    It is up to the State to make sure they know that it does not mean ALL doubt...I think the state was overconfident and did not take JB etc. seriously as opponents at all.
    Just my opinion, of course.

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    I agree

    I think "reasonable doubt" and "beyond the shadow of a doubt" have come to mean the same thing.
    Unfortunately if all cases have to be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt, then there will be no more cases based on circumstantial evidence.
    If the person doesn't confess or get caught in the act then there will always be room for doubt.
    Just my

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    All I saw was unreasonable doubt...and its sickening...
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    What was CA found quilty of.......

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    I think that one or more said that she was innocent and that they would never change their mind and the rest were ready to go home and start booking interviews.

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