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    How does the jury feel about being "OJ #2"?

    The people on the ground being interviewed and many of the talking heads are referring to this trial as "OJ #2". I wonder how the jury feels to know the general public is comparing them to the jury that let OJ off?

    Do you think the jury will be shocked and surprised to be compared to the OJ travesty?

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    Once I realized she was found not guilty on ALL THREE COUNTS that mattered, OJ is what immediately came to my mind.
    They may be shocked that they're being compared but, IMO, they shouldn't be!
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    I know some people think they acquitted because they wanted to be OJ #2 but I don't think that's true. They are jurors in a high profile murder trial, and they would get book offers and TV appearances regardless of the verdict.

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    nowhere near as bad as they will feel when she reoffends. it is on them when she does.

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    I cannot go there just now. My knowledge of profanity doesn't stretch that high.

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    Well, if Casey is a sociopath as everyone says she will end up back in jail in no time. That is after she makes millions of dollars on the book and movie deal and moves into her mansion and has bodyguards. Just like OJ...

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    When I first heard it, it took me IMMEDIATELY back to that day when OJ was found not guilty!! I can only hope those jurors go home, watch ALL the information on TV and then have insomnia for the rest of their lives. I hope every time they close their eyes they see little Caylee's face and her little skeleton. I hope they NEVER sleep again and I wouldn't read one of their books of someone PAID me to!!

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    Sociopaths reoffend!

    This is OJ # 2!!! the jury disregarded the forensic evidence!

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    After hearing the alternate juror I seriously doubt they care. I don't think they will ever understand how their actions will affect anyone unfortunate enough to be related to a sociopath. Without any evidence whatsoever they believed what the defense was selling, a story almost comical in it's lack of logic and common sense. Every sociopath accused of a crime will throw all his relatives under the bus and hope they get a jury to ignore all the other evidence.

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    O.J., Robert Blake, Michael Jackson and now KC. I don't know how these people can sleep at night. They know in their heart that they set free guilty people. I hope I never have to serve on a jury. I couldn't live with myself knowing I set a guilty person free. I would have to be excused because I would tell the court right off that I am going with my emotions as much as the evidence. To ask a person to ignore their gut is wrong. God gave us instincts for a reason. I knew as soon as I saw "Everyone lies, everyone dies" that she killed her child.
    Even if I couldn't convict her on murder how could they not find her guilty on negligence or one of the other charges? How on earth were they able to find so many unreasonable people in one place?

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    Yes ... they are the OJ#2 Jury !

    And may they NEVER sleep again !!!

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    I am gonna say this.
    Not many of OJ's team have fared well or are even still alive.
    No idea about the jury.


    Karma plays out pretty well.

    Watch and see.

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    Considerring cause of death is not needed for a guilty verdict (i.e. Scott Peterson) I'm really not sure what the reasonable doubt was for. I've been trying to look at it without emotion and all I think is: At the least one would think the child died in her mother's care which is neglect. So I think the jury screwed up here and they should feel ashamed. I'm embarrassed for them! I bet they don't care though. At least they can go on vacation now!
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    IMO the OJ jury was much MUCH more justified in their verdict.

    This is in a class by itself.

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    I would never compare this jury to the O.J. jury. This jury was far, far, worse IMO. Casey was truly judged by a jury of her peers. IMO, this group of people put their personal agendas (whatever they may be) before deciding what was just for an innocent, defenseless child. I hope they are haunted by images of Caylee for the rest of their lives.

    I refuse to watch any more THs on news shows or listen to even one of these jurors speak. I am curious though as to what they really think happened to Caylee. Perhaps they believe Caylee may have wrapped the duct tape (that she found in Jojo's garage) around her own mouth & nose. She then proceeded to place herself in a laundry bag (identical to one in the Anthony home) and into garbage bags for safe keeping. Oh, I almost forgot the cute little heart sticker she attached to the tape. And then Caylee may or may not have spent several days/weeks riding around in her mom's car. At some point though, our little Caylee had had enough fun with mom so she placed herself in a swamp/woods near home. Yeah, I can believe they went with a story like that.

    Sorry, forgot to add something. Call me heartless but I really don't care how this jury feels.

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